20 Amazing Facts about Animals for Kids

Facts about Animals for Kids


Animals are a great part of biodiversity and as these are also the living beings, the form a great part of the fauna that the earth has got. Every animal is unique in its body structure, shape, living habits as well as behavior and thus here we are describing some of the facts about these animals for kids that will make the small minds get acknowledged about these creatures from close.

Facts about Animals for Kids

20 Amazing Facts about Animals for Kids

1. Giraffe has got the longest tongue that it uses to clean its body.

2. The hump that a camel has got on its back enables it to store much water in it to be used when it is not available making it the king of desert.

3. The mother monkey will keep the baby monkey stick to its lower portion of the body even if it is dead.

4. The baby kangaroo is called Joey. It lives in the mother’s pouch and is automatically sent to this place after it gets born.

5. The kangaroos are the only animals that use “Hopping” as a means of locomotion.

6. The Asian elephants are generally smaller than the African elephants.

7. Many medicines that humans use are first tested on wild animals, most of them being the primates like monkeys and apes as these are the closest relatives of humans.

8. Lions are awake only four hours a day and the rest of time is spent in sleeping.

9. The panda bear does not go on hibernation period in the winters.

10. Some of the primates can be as intelligent as humans are. Some of the primates have successfully recognized themselves in the mirror as well.

Facts about Animals

11. The reckless poaching and hunting of animals is made just to obtain their fur or skin or the other products like rhino horns and elephant teeth etc. being very much costly.

12. There are many wildlife and animal conversation N.G.O’s running today that seek to enhance the animal rights and prevent animals from being slaughtered.

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13. The female elephant is the one who brings up the small members of her family. The small baby elephants are always at a risk of getting isolated and attacked by the predators and hence elephants prefer to move in groups.

14. Almost 16 hours are spent daily by elephants just in the search of food.

15. The front teeth of an elephant are never bought into use for the eating purpose. The trunk that an elephant has got can store enough water in it.

16. Skunks can depart a foul kind of smell from their bodies whenever any kind of danger is suspected.

17. The group of cats is called a “Clowder”.

18. Lions and tigers do not always keep on hunting, but instead they do it only when they are hungry. Often for the old wild cats, it gets tough to hunt and then they have to depend only on the fishes.

19. Most of the animals prefer living close to the rivers as rivers have got a plenty of food as well as water for them.

20. Animals have the habit of marking their territories and this is done by the animals by urinating at a specific place.


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