How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Good without Plucking

How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Good without Plucking


Detailed eyebrows are what everyone desires. In order to tame your eyebrows and to make your eyebrows look good enough for a party, we usually bring a plucker in use to modify the eyebrows and to shape them up. Use of a plucker can sometimes prove dangerous for your eyebrows as it shreds a significant amount of your brow here every time you bring it in use to pluck hair to shape them up. In order to make your eyebrows look good without even touching the plucker, you can bring following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Good without Plucking

Make Your Eyebrows Look Good without Plucking

1. Use Artificial Eye Lashes and Eye Brows:-

Artificial eye lashes and artificial eyebrows are available these days on every leading cosmetics store and beauty parlor. You can trim them according to your requirement and you can make simply any kind of experiments with them. This spares the natural look of your eyebrows and you can daily make experiments with your eyes this way.

2. Use Threading Approach:-

Threading is one of the best approaches in this direction where you bring a thread in use to pluck off the unwanted hair from your eyebrows. You will need to ask someone to do threading of your eyebrows as it gets difficult for someone to do threading of her eyes herself.

3. Use the Eyebrow Brush:-

These days’ eyebrow brushes are also in an existence which can be bought in use to straight over the eyebrows. The eyebrow can thus be shaped up accordingly and you can shape it up any way you like. Kajal can be bought in use to give details to the eyebrow and you will get a perfect finishing this way.

4. Use a Hair-Spray:-

Products like hair spray are also available in the markets which can be sprayed upon the eyebrows to shape them in desired way. Just spray up a significant amount of such sprays on your eyebrows or apply it with the help of your fingers and you can run it across your eyebrows to shape them up naturally.

5. Use Hair Gel:-

These days many companies are coming up with hair shaping products like hair gel etc which can make you shape up your hair by a simple application of it in significant amount. Just take a significant amount of one such hair gel on your finger, apply it on your eyebrow and then shape it up the way you want. Your eyebrow hairs will get set the way you set them using hair gel.

6. Use Petroleum Jelly:-

Petroleum jelly which is available these days with the name “Vaseline” can also be bought in use to shape-up the eyebrows. You can use an eye liner afterwards on your eyes to give them a finishing touch. Petroleum jelly suits the best for sensitive skin and it is rather not even very much costly. You can purchase one such product from any medical store or cosmetic store. Vaseline is rather available in every lady’s cupboard or dressing table and thus you can even borrow it from a neighboring lady if you don’t have it at present.


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