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Expert Advice – How to Lose 10 kg in a Month

How to lose 10 kilograms in a month


Weight loss is a simple scientific process. Many people think it is a cumbersome and tough work to do. But no friends its so simple. All you need is to be determined and focused about your goals. I am going to tell you a few things that are going to help you in losing around 10 kg in a month.

Expert Advice - How to Lose 10 kg in a Month

Expert Advice – How to Lose 10 kg in a Month

1. Take help of lemon:-

It is very important to detoxify your body and lemon does all the miracles. Lemon water helps in detoxifying your body plus it is a natural fat cutter. It helps in digestion too. All you need to do is get up in the morning and drink lemon water. Take warm water and add half lemon in it and drink it. Remember to sit and drink otherwise it affects your knees.

2. Indulge cardio in your routine:-

As I said earlier weight loss is a scientific process. If net calorie intakes during the day are less than the total calorie requirement, then It leads to weight loss. By involving cardio in your daily lifestyle you can easily create a deficit in your net calories and side by side it will help in reducing the fat content of your body too. 2 hour cardio will be sufficient per day if loosing 10 kg a month is a target. (Otherwise it is recommended to 300 minutes of cardio per week.)

3. Take proper diet:-

Diet is one of the important diameters of weight loss. It is said sometimes, “abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym”. If you want to lose weight you need to diet. 70% our diet effects and the rest 30% is cardio. If you wanna lose 10 kgs a month, the basic step you can follow is ignoring the oil completely. Munch wholly on boiled food, fruits and liquid.

4. A look on your metabolism:-

It is important to take a look on your metabolism, because high metabolism burns more calories and burns fat quickly. It also helps in easy digestion of food. So as to increase your metabolism, focus on foods and drinks that help in increasing your metabolism. Some of the them are almonds, coffee, cucumber, ginger, green tea, melon, spinach etc.

5. Take help of supplements:-

If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting naturally then you can munch upon various supplements available in the market. You can take protein powder in warm water instead of taking a meal. You can also take fat burner. Fat burners do exactly same what their name says.

It is not as difficult, but if you stay determined for the whole one month, then you can easily lose those extra flabs from your body. 10 kg is not a small goal, so a proportionate effort is also demanded. Just diet and workout are only and most important basics of loss. Increase your cardio to more and reduce your portions and limit snacking if you want to attain your goal.


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