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5 Best Proven Exercise to Improve your Sex Life

How Some Exercises Improve Our Sex Life


Our sex life is mostly based on what we eat and what kind of exercises do we practice or add in our schedule. If you are exercising, you won’t need any Medicine to be physically with your partner and instead your relationship with your partner will be naturally attracting and healthy. In a report, it was published that those who work out have a better sexual technique and endurance. Some exercises rather have been specially named as sexual exercises. Let me understand you all this with the help of suitable examples.

5 Best Proven Exercise to Improve your Sex Life

5 Best Proven Exercise to Improve your Sex Life

1. Know What Weight Lifting does to you:-

When you reach a gym for weight lifting in order to tone up your body, the weights do not just tone up your body, but also bring about a desired increase in the male sex hormone “Testosterone”. This is the only hormone responsible for a better sexual experience in a way that its regular build-up means satisfaction of your female partner during the sexual intercourse. It also judges your masculine power to some extent as well.

2. Kegel Exercises Tone Your Pubococcygeus Muscles:-

Pubococcygeus muscles are the muscles that let you prevent yourself from urinating in between. When you are doing Kegel exercises regularly, these muscles get toned which means your sexual experience will get better in certain ways. i.e. the daily ejaculation gets delayed and you are able to stay in sexual intercourse with your partner for longer time.

3. Yoga Improves Sexual Stamina:-

Stamina refers to the way how fast one can accomplish any task. Let it be a journey while running or let it be finishing the swim to a pond. The quicker you are, the more stamina you have. Yoga makes you flexible if you do it daily and a flexible person is able to have stamina while performing sex.  This makes your partner satisfied with you in several ways.

4. Climbing stairs/Jogging or Step Mill/Tread mill:-

Jogging is an exercise where we walk slowly. This is a kind of aerobic exercise, but people perform this with a home based treadmill machine as well. Climbing stairs is also an aerobic exercise where you complete multiple rounds of climbing stairs daily. It also has its machine based version named as step mill. If you are performing either of these exercises, you have a low risk of erectile dysfunction. It improves blood flow and also makes your erections last longer which proves to bring about the desired improvement of your sexual experience.

5. The Weight Loss Exercises:-

All the weight loss exercises make you less prone to diabetes and more prone to the love and attraction of your partner. It has also been noticed that exercises like cycling, swimming, skipping etc. help you to increase stamina and to bring about the desired increase in your sexual endurance which helps to make your sexual experience better in certain ways. You are able to reside in bed with your partner for a long time and you ejaculate much later than the time when no exercises were added to your routine.


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