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6 Exercise to do after Pregnancy to Feel Comfort

Exercise after Pregnancy to Feel Comfort


Pregnancy is the stage of a women when she is to give birth to her baby and this stage plays a very crucial and vital role in her life as her health equally gets effected in this period. After pregnancy, she is left with loose hanging skin and thus there is a great need to strengthen her whole body with some simple exercises that make her feel better against this loose skin and help her gain more energy and recover from the damage caused to her during pregnancy, some of which I am explaining here in this article.

6 Exercise to do after Pregnancy to Feel Comfort

6 Exercise to do after Pregnancy to Feel Comfort

1. Walking:-

Though you may find it difficult for you to run after bearing the nine months pain of pregnancy, but you can continue your exercise workout with walking based exercises first of all. If you are using a treadmill at house, switch its speed to a minimal level and then start exercising at normal mode.

2. Stretching And Pelvic Exercises:-

The next step I will tell you to try while exercising after pregnancy is to try stretching and pelvic exercises. Begin with stretching your legs and other muscles for about fifteen minutes and then try the other pelvic exercises like pelvic tilt or pelvic bridge, etc. Pelvic tilt can be tried out several times a day as it helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles.

3. Kegel Exercise:-

Besides stretching and pelvic exercises, you can also go for Kegel exercises side by side. These exercises help you work out on your bladder as well as Uretus and strengthen them. These exercises basically involve contraction and expansion and thus cause no harm to you.

4. Leg Cycling:-

Just lie at a place and take your leg upside pointing towards the ceiling of your house. You can even take a pillow and put it under your head. Now start rotating your legs in the air like you are cycling. This exercise helps you stretch your muscles as well as prove to be beneficial as equal as cycling. Take a five minute session and then carry on with other exercises.

5. Basic Jumping:-

Stand still at the same place and take 15 light jumps in a set of 4-5. This is a mild exercise and does not effect anything at all. You can even try toes touching basic exercises, but keep the period of exercises normal in the starting. You can continue with 45 minutes exercising in the morning or 45 minutes again in the evening but remember to take proper diet besides that. Stay in touch with a health specialist so as to avoid any unfavorable circumstances and keep consulting with him.

6. Clearing Your Doubts:-

Some women fear that if they start exercising after pregnancy, the baby’s health will be adversely affected as it still depends on her breast feeded milk to survive and thus she postpones this exercising programme of her for at least three years, but let me tell you that these mild exercises that I have mentioned in this article will never harm your baby’s health and won’t have any effect on the volume of milk that your mammary glands produce. You can continue exercising, staying tension free about that.


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