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How does Excitement Affect your Heart Rate

How Excitement Affects Heart Rate


When you are feeling enthusiastic, happy and interested about a particular thing or a meeting particular person or visiting a particular place, it is referred to as the state of excitement. Many researchers have made together a team and observed people in their stage of excitement. The results that came out after analysis of the observed facts were really interesting. Here we are trying to discuss the effect of an individual’s excitement on his heart rate here with the help of those references.

How does Excitement Affect your Heart Rate

How does Excitement Affect your Heart Rate

1. Factors that are involved in this:-

There are two main factors involved in the heart rate management namely the intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are the result of unique nature of the cardiac tissue while extrinsic factors are a result of hormonal responses as well as commands generated by the nervous system.

2. The Changes Because of Extrinsic Factors:-

Extrinsic factors are directly related with the nervous system and thus this kind of factors can cause the heart rate to change quickly. This is partially because of the chemicals that circulate in blood. Hormones are also the kind of chemicals only and thus the heart rate is directly or indirectly influenced by these hormones as well.

3.  When You Overcome The Emotions Related With Excitement:-

When you overcome an emotion which generates the sense of excitement in you such as when you get a message that your lie has been caught, it will bring about a significant increase in your heart rate. Your heart will start beating much faster than the normal heart rate.

4. While Watching A Horror Movie:-

When we are watching a horror movie with dreadful scenes with ghost or witch displayed on the screen, our heart is beating at a very high rate and even a small kid can make us fearful with a single word, “Boo” from his mouth. If a heart monitor is attached to your body during this time, you will be able to see your heart rate jump like anything.

5. Heart Rate Is Never Associated With Cardiovascular Changes:-

The cardio respiratory changes taking place in our body are never associated or related with the change of heart rate. The chemicals or hormones in our body are rather responsible for it. Your heart rate is expected to get slow if activated by cardio inhibitory center in the medulla and gets speed up if activated by a cardio accelerator. Change in body temperature, getting exposed to a strange stimulus and genetic changes also affect your heart rate in certain ways.

6. Internal Body Changes are also responsible:

The stimulants such as caffeine, beverages and drugs that we take also have an influence on your heart rate. Smoking, change in the blood level and other such changes related to the body are also responsible for affecting the heart rate as well. If you are watching a scary movie, the ghost in movie acts as a stimulus which makes you dreadful and hence brings about a rise in your heart beat as well.


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