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What is Evolution and What is it Responsible for

what is evolution and what is it responsible for


Evolution is a small word with a very vast meaning that has taken millions of years to take its shape.  There is one word called biodiversity which means the animals and birds or the other forms of life living in an area and there is another word which is evolution which means the change in habits, traits and characters of this biodiversity. Though the word has taken millions of years to have its effect seen to the mankind, but still if you try to understand it, it is easy as various scientists have cleared it for you giving their theories about it and here we are trying to summarize all those theories.

 what is evolution and what is it responsible for

What is Evolution and What is it Responsible for

1. All What We See Around us:-

First of all, we are taught that we have evolved from monkeys and even if you live far away from the jungle, still you must have seen some monkey for sure. Being a primate, these have got the mammary glands, the two eyes, one characteristic nose and even two ears to hear. Now there is a tail as well, which we humans are not having and so the journey of a member of the species of monkeys from getting born as an animal with tale to an animal without tale can be seen as evolution.

2. The Emerging of New Characteristics:-

As you must have noticed this in the earlier point that there is one difference in monkeys and us that these have got tails while with evolution, we became the ones without tales which is another name of evolution. One other change that occurred is that earlier these monkeys has got a slightly bent posture and used to walk with all the four, including the hands as well as legs but then with evolution, there came primates that could stand on their own and so is the case with us as well.

3. The Gradual Development:-

Not only with the humans or the primates, but this happens with every kind of animal or organism that lived on earth. We know that once there used to be dinosaurs on this planet that ultimately met their demise and new kinds of animals emerged which you may take as the ancestors of these animals. Now, as the new species came to existence, the changes kept on taking place and a gradual development kept on happening slightly but in a noticeable way.

4. The Various Theories given:-

Various scientists including Darwin have given their theories regarding the evolution process and the changes that one goes under it. If you look at your grandfather, he must not look as intelligent as you are or if you ask him about his grandfather, there may be more variations that you get to know about him. There are some changes that are seen, while some get unnoticed as people are not able to make judgments about these.

5. The Concept of Inheritance:-

Inheritance means the qualities that we get from our parents. Now talking about how inheritance is related with evolution, the good traits are passed from one generation to the other that will be common in both the individuals of both the ages while there may be some new changes that have taken place what must be seen in the case of new generations while it may go unnoticed in the case of previous ones.


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