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Essential Steps to Verify a Digital Signature

How to Verify a Digital Signature


A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for showing the authenticity of a digital message or documents. It is generally done in order to create a favorable effect and to make the receiver get an idea that the document was created by a known creator and that the creator is not denying that he had created that document at all. Sometimes when either you are trying to convert a file or you are trying to open it through PDF converter software, a message stating “digital signature not verified” or “Signature not verified” is displayed. A digital signature, thus needs to be verified in order to confirm the authenticity of a sender.

Essential Steps to Verify a Digital Signature

6 Essential Steps to Verify a Digital Signature

1. You Will Need Professional PDF Converter Software:-

The first thing that you will need for this purpose is professional PDF converter software. You can download and install PDF converter professional software in your computer for this purpose. This software enables you to view, verify and authenticate the digital signatures in any PDF file.

I know we don’t need to convert a PDF file, but a professional software means all the features will have an unlimited access to you and no feature of this application will be blocked from the developer’s side. Most of trial versions do not have the facility of creating or verifying a digital signature and thus to have a professional PDF converter software in your system is not a bad idea.

2. Left Click On Digital Signature Field:-

Now, after the application gets installed, you will need to open and run it first. There will be an option to verify signature in this software. You have to make a click with your mouse on this option. Simply Click on ‘verify signature’ option and the signature verification sub options will get displayed on screen.

3. Click Properties Option:-

Now you have to click the properties option and there will again be sub options displayed on screen. Click ‘verify identity’ option from all these options displayed on your screen. This option will take you to the identity of your document. Your identity means your own details and you can reach this option in order to add your contact information to any document.

4. Add “Contact Information”:-

Now, after you click “verify identity option”, the contact information option will be displayed on screen and you have to click on this contact information option to add your information to it. This option is meant for the certificate owner.

5. Click “Add to List”:-

Now click “add to list” option and then click the close button. The information provided/filled by you has been successfully saved.

6. Click “Verify Signature” Option Now:-

You can click the “Verify Signature” option now. The status of your digital signature is also valid now and it will stay the same for every recipient whom you send this PDF as a message. If you still feel doubtful that if the digital signature has been created or not, you can check it reaching the properties of your document.


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