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How to Erase Data from iPhone

How to Erase Data from iPhone


iPhone is a smart phone from Apple, which is a name enough brand in the world of smart phones. iPhones come fully feature loaded with a variable memory range that may be 8 GB or 32 GB or even 64 GB depending on the set that you have purchased and in order to have the data cleared from your phone several approaches can be employed. Some of the approaches that can be employed so as to get the data erased from an iPhone are as follows:-

How to Erase Data from iPhone

How to Erase Data from iPhone

1. Get the backup if you feel it might be needed afterwards:-

In order to erase data from your iPhone, first of all you will need to get the backup of data be made in case you feel that you might need it in future. This may be done backing up the data on PC or uploading the data on cloud so that it may be accessed back if you need it in future.

2. Factory reset the phone:-

The next step would be to factory reset the phone. The factory reset procedure will erase everything stored on phone and make it as good as new. The applications, contacts, images, videos and simply all other files stored on the system would get lost and this is why we had advised you to take a back-up. In order to go for the factory reset of your iPhone, simply make a Tap with your finger on Settings icon on the home screen and choose the general option while scrolling down the list. There would be a reset option that you can click in order to delete all these files, contacts, applications, application data and settings.

3. Install iPhone Data Eraser:-

Another way to erase data from iPhone is to install the iPhone data eraser application to your device and after you run this software, the files that you don’t need would be able to be cleared in an easy way or you may even choose to clear all the data from your phone as well.

4. Make a Connection with the Computer and Then Format the Phone’s Memory:-

You may even choose to make a data cable connection in order to format the phone memory. The charger that came with your iPhone is actually a data cable charger and you need to remove this data cable from the charger head and connect the phone with your computer to the dedicated USB slot and when the phone gets installed within the computer, you can locate the device in my computer and format the phone memory.

Simply locate and make a left click over the memory destination and there you would see an option to format the memory. Simply make a click and the device memory will get formatted.


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