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How Can We Eradicate Child Labour in India

how can we eradicate child labour in india


Child labor refers to the labor being taken or made hiring a child for various job works. The children mean a cheap labor being available and thus people hire children as laborers, which deprive them of their childhood. The children which are supposed to be indulged in studies in school are then forced in these cheap labor works to fetch some money for the greed of their parents or themselves or are compelled to do such jobs. In order to have a look at the various aspects involved in this, let us take you to the world of child laborers that we have pierced in words talking to various children of dharvi and other slum areas.

how can we eradicate child labour in india

How Can We Eradicate Child Labour

The Life of a Child Laborer:-

The life of a child laborer is really pathetic. Most of the child laborers are either forced to work or belong to the people who migrate from villages to cities in search of livelihood and find atmosphere of cities quite competing for survival. The cheap cost of labor provided by the children of these refugees created a kind of greed and people belonging to the construction or hotel or tea stalls, hire these chaps for cheap service of labor in order to make more profits.

Some children who have met tragedies within their families with no-one to take care of them also have to leave studies and get indulged in this child labor. It has been seen that some people steal children from villages and then bring them to cities to be sold in return for money to the people indulged in restaurant or construction businesses or as a domestic worker.

What the Reason is behind:-

The main reason for children to become laborers is either a lack of resources or they are forced to work in order to satisfy the greed of their guardians. Some are born in acute poverty and thus are compelled to be indulged in such works while the others are either lost or being kidnapped find themselves in a totally strange place where they have no option except to work in order to survive. Some caretakers even make children indulged in household slavery in order to earn profits from their wards.

The Need of the Hour:-

The need of hour is to take a stand for such children as this age is not for working but for getting educated. Child labor is banned in the entire country and thus if any child is found forced to work before he  or she gets mature, a voice can be raised against the people who have made the child indulged in such jobs and you can even seek help from some N.G.O which work for the upliftment for such children.

How Far Have the Rules Bought About A Change:-

Though there are rules that the government has imposed on people regarding child labor and though it is banned to employ any child, but still some people out of greed are still illegally indulged in such works, but still there is a hope with the government’s schemes like mid-Day meals etc that have brought about a shift in the number of such children bound to slavery or to act as a laborer but still a lot needs to be achieved in this direction.

In order to eradicate child labor completely, each sensible soul living in the society would have to take a stand and a pledge that they won’t cooperate ever with anyone hiring a child and instead we would provide opportunities for that children to study and provide possible resources to him on individual basis as well.


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