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How to Eradicate Child Labor in 6 Easy Steps

How to Eradicate Child Labor


Child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives them of their childhood. If any work deprives children of their basic needs like education, good food, good clothes etc. indulging them to a world of slavery or work, this also comes under child labor. If someone affects a child physically, mentally, socially or morally for any of his intentions to get works done from that child, it is child labor.

How to Eradicate Child Labor in 6 Easy Steps

How to Eradicate Child Labor in 6 Easy Steps

Simply spoiling a child’s future by making him work in inhuman conditions is what we call child labor. This was all what child labor includes. Now let us discuss how this problem can be eradicated from the society.

1. Do Not Employ Any Child:-

This serves to be the first step in the eradication of child labor. Simply take a pledge that you won’t employ a child less than fourteen years of age on your shop. Take a pledge also to file complaint against everyone who hires a child for any work. If maximum people take this pledge, even the people left will have a fear in their mind that someone is watching them.

2. Adopt The Needy Children Instead Of Hiring Them As A Worker:-

Some people are never employed to torture or molest, but their situation makes them search for work. These children are either homeless or family-less. You can manage to adopt such children or you can get admitted them to school as a kind gesture from their side. You can also manage to talk with an N.G.O in order to support such children.

3. A Law that can help you:-

According to Indian laws, any children who are less than fourteen years in age can’t be employed anywhere and at any place as a child laborer. If you see anyone doing this act, you can easily file a complaint report against them by reaching the nearest police station.

4. Complaint against Anyone Who Employs Children:-

If you reach any restaurant or some other place with children employed as a waiter in it, simply ask the employer about the age proof of that child. Take that child in your confidence to ask him about his age. Ask him about the conditions that he is exposed to and then file a complaint against the employer if the worker is a child under fourteen years of age.

5. Take the Help of N.G.O’s:-

In some of the cases it has been seen that even police merges out with such crime suspects and starts supporting them. If someone reaches with a complaint to such officials, they do not help the complainer. In such cases, you can reach a local N.G.O in order to take help from them or you can reach the higher authorities as well.

6. A Touch of Individual Financial Help:-

A touch of individual financial help is always supported. Complaint against child labor is a way of eradicating it, but it does not eradicate the wound of that child which is homeless or who needs money. You should help such children with the help of N.G.O’s or you should help them financially in order to support them in becoming a good person in future.


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