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8 Environmental Facts about Global Warming

Facts About Global Warming


You may have heard that the temperature of earth is rising day by day because of global warming, but have you ever thought what its consequences may be? To make you think more in this direction, we have come with some facts on global warming this time.

Environmental Facts about Global Warming

Environmental Facts about Global Warming

1. Do you know that if the ozone layer keeps on depleting like this only, one day there will be no ozone layer and sun’s ultraviolet rays will penetrate directly into earth and almost all of us will meet problems related to skin cancer.

2. Do you know that the global sea levels have risen up by 8 inches since last 145 years? Well, let me tell you another thing, It is the nature of water to expand when it warms up. Now suppose if the temperature keeps on increasing like this only, the glaciers will melt for sure, and then it is also but obvious to add to sea level. When the water will be added more to the oceans, won’t the coastal areas get submerged and the non-coastal areas get deserted for sure?

3. Do you know that the glaciers are getting shrink day by day? It has been noted that there are much cases of landslides now than it used to be 100 years back. The crisis does not ends here, It has been reported that the ice formed in hill stations has started melting much earlier than what it used to be a century earlier.

4. Have you ever heard of people dying because of low or excess heat in summers? These heat waves are added due to global warming that has added to the number of deaths in Summer because of it.

5. Have you ever thought what will be the reason for next world war? If the temperature of earth keeps on increasing like this only, much of the areas will get deserted and the coastal areas will keep on getting submerged. This will make people run for shelter from one country to another and can be the reason for another world war to fight for a place to live.

6. Have you ever thought why the farmers keep on crying that they lost their crops? The rainfall patterns are getting changed day by day and thus rain comes either much earlier or much late. This adds to the crop failure crisis.

7. You may have heard about the news of storms and droughts? Why is it that a country is suffering lack of water and another has got water in surplus? Why is it that one meets drought much often while the other meets storms much often? Obviously due to global warming.

8. Have you ever heard about forest fires? Well, when the wood of trees in forests gets dried out, it can catch fire anytime due to heat and much of the flora and fauna in the wild gets destroyed due to these forest fires. Now think again, If the global temperatures keep on rising like this only, will the forest life be able to survive? If the temperature gets on increasing like this only, there will be more cases of forest fires as well as an arise in crisis with the earth’s ecosystem.


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