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How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone 5

How to Enter DFU Mode on Iphone-5


The DFU mode in iPhone 5 or you may say the Device Firmware Upgrade mode is the one that enables you to restore the device from any state. Simply detach the data cable from your iPhone charger and then use it to make connection with your personal computer and then go for the dedicated steps that we are mentioning here so as to restore your iPhone 5. The steps that we are mentioning here have been self-tested and thus there are less chances of suffering because of ill- knowledge. Simply follow the steps that have been mentioned and you would get sorted.

How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone 5

How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone 5

1. Plug In With USB Cable and Connect the Device with Computer:-

In order to enter DFU mode with iPhone 5, you would first of all need to detach the cable from your charger and use it as a data cable to connect the computer, plugging it one side to the iPhone and the other side to the dedicated USB port. After the device gets installed, the computer would display a message that means the device has got installed.

2. Turn Off the Device and Then Hold the Power Button for Three Seconds:-

Now, after the device gets connected with your computer, you would be required to hold the power button and the home button together for ten seconds. After that you can release the power button and keep holding the home button. After about 1/4th part of a minute, the iTunes will alter you to a message that would read that it has detected a device in recovery mode.

3. While Making an Exit from DFU Mode:-

After the device has been detected in recovery mode, the further executions can be made with it as you wish to execute them. In order to exit from the DFU mode, you may simply hold the Home and Power buttons until the Apple Logo appears and you would get sorted.

4. In Case Nothing Happens:-

In case nothing happens, it might be that you are using a USB hub with your computer and that because of less powerful port being used to make a connection, the device has not been recognized and you may try the procedure once again disconnecting the USB hub and repeating the same procedure making USB connection directly with CPU.

5. Consult with an Expert In Case of a Problem:-

In case there is some hard to handle problem, you may even choose to take advice from some expert dealing with the same. Be careful while pressing any of the buttons and remember when to press two buttons at the same time and for how much time you need to make a key press as well. When a device gets installed properly, the message of detection of device is sure to be seen.


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