How Does Digital Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning

How Technology Enhances Teaching And Learning

How Technology Enhances Teaching And Learning


If we go by the dictionary definition of technology, Technology refers to the collection of techniques, skills, methods, processes and inventions bought in use to produce new services and goods or to accomplish the objectives such as scientific investigation etc and thus one is but obvious to think that technology is just limited to labs and laboratories but if we add a part of it to classroom, the teaching style gets more innovative and students get more creative and contagious. Technology can enhance learning in many ways and some of those ways can be explained as follows:-

How Technology Enhances Teaching And Learning

How Technology Enhances Teaching And Learning

1. Smart Classes In Place of Normal Classes:-

These days’ smart classes are in a trend where children are not taught by teachers but by various technologies based inventions like demographies, videographies, slide shows and even presentations. This concept of smart classes has revolutionized the field of study and the students who earlier used to get bored in class are not showing equal interest while studying.

2. Better Knowledge with Videography:-

It is the human nature that we forget what is being taught in the class easily but we remember it for a long span of time if we have come across it in the form of a video or a slide. When we watch something with our eyes, we are able to recall it for longer time because of the effects on screen and thus technology like videography has also enhanced the field of teaching and learning.

3. Working Models To Demonstrate A Particular Phenomenon:-

Earlier we used to be familiar with only two kinds of labs i.e. Science labs and computer labs, but these days technology has bring about a revolution in this field as well and these days schools have got separate English lab, Hindi lab, social studies lab and labs for simply every other kind of subject. These days, rather even science parks have come into existence where even swings are not ordinary, but even they also demonstrate some scientific invention or technology.

4. Usage of Projectors and Screens in Class:-

The usage of projectors and screens in the class has bought about a revolution in the field of study. Ten years back when I was in 12th standard, the biggest problem for me was to be able to understand what the teacher used to teach us as half of blackboard was covered by her body and the other of its surface experienced reflection and refraction of sun’s rays. The front bench used to be reserved for toppers or girls and thus we were hardly able to grasp any lecture being taught to us but these days there are multiple screens and projectors fixed in each and every class which give us a glimpse of each and every part of the blackboard/whiteboard.

5. The 3D Demonstrations and Planetariums:-

The arrival of 3D demonstrations and planetariums has made children even more curious to learn and ask questions finding their answers. The use of slide shows and other such methods has also revolutionized the field of study as these days the classes are not boring anymore.