How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Office Excel (5 Steps)

How To Enable Macros In Microsoft Excel 2010

how to enable macros in microsoft office excel


We know that every version of software has got slight changes made with it in order to improve that from the previous one and such is the case with versions of Microsoft office as well. In each version that arrives in the market, there is a slight amount of changes noticed so as to make the word processing, a better experience with each compatible device and thus the versions till Microsoft excel that earlier were a bit simple may prove to make Microsoft Excel look like a new thing to their computer and hence they may find a bit amount of difficulty using it. In case you are using the version of Microsoft office 2010 with your device, you may enable macros in it using the features that we are mentioning here.

how to enable macros in microsoft office excel

How To Enable Macros In Microsoft Excel

1. Open The Microsoft Office Button:-

The button at the top left most corner of Microsoft excel is the Microsoft office button and after making a click over this button you can easily enable macros within your device as well. Now, when you make a click over it, you will see a menu gets opened and from this menu, you will need to click the Excel options.

2. After Reaching Word Options:-

After the word options have been clicked, you will need to click the trust center and then in its settings, you will need to click the Macro settings. In case you need the macros to be disabled or enabled, the changes can be made in this menu. If you click the enable checkbox, the macros will be enabled within the application and if you unselect it, the macro options will get disabled as well.

3. In Case There Reads A Desktop Message:-

Sometimes it has been seen that there is a message displayed on the computer screen asking if you wish to enable or disable the macros and it appears as a kind of warning to the user. In such a case you may select the appropriate option, matching your needs. If you wish to enable macros, simply select it else make it disabled.

4. Why the Message Reads On My Device:-

Well, there is a VBA or Visual Basic Editor In every system that deals with the enabling or disabling of the macros and it also deals with the security options as well. The message that reads on your screen asking if you need macros to be enabled or disabled with your system is just because of this Visual Basic Editor only.

5. Though There Are Variations, the Software Is Still the same:-

Since I Uninstalled my excel version 2007 a few weeks before, I have been using Excel Version 2010 after that. I don’t feel it to be a mammoth job to understand and instead it is all the same as the previous version only. There are slight changes made with options and where they are located that’s it. If you had learned the previous version properly, I am sure that you won’t find any difficulty dealing with this version as well.