Why Electrical Wires Are Coated With PVC Material

Why Electrical Wires Are Coated With PVC


PVC or Poly vinyl Chloride that is made over most of the electrical wires. Even some pipes are made up with this material. It is actually a polymer and thus proves to be an insulator. The electricity can be conducted even without this coating but still we have got the wires coated with this polymer and there are countless answers to the question why this is done. The answer why electrical wires are coated with PVC can be explained as follows:-

Why Electrical Wires Are Coated With PVC

Why Electrical Wires Are Coated With PVC

1. To Prevent The Members Of House To Be Spared From The Electric Shock:-

The actual reason why electrical wires are coated with PVC is that if there is no such covering, the members of the house can receive an electric shock by touching the wire which may prove to be dangerous for life. In case it rains, the current from wire would travel through the walls and thus all the members get prone to electric shocks.

2. PVC Is Resistant to Fire:-

PVC coating is also found to be resistant to fire. Generally in case of electric short circuit, we see that there is a fire that catches most of the electrical wirings. If there is no coating of PVC, the entire electric circuit gets prone to this damage.

3. To Make the Wires Be Able To Be Wrapped With Each Other:-

Generally if you are using any equipment with wires that are wrapped with each other, a perfect insulation is needed between both the wires. It is advised that both the wires should have some distance between each of them and thus the PVC coating serves to be an ideal option for this purpose.

4. The Material Is None Conducting:-

The material of electrical wires is conducting while that of PVC is non conducting and thus all the electrical wires are coated with PVC as something non conducting if covering the conducting surface makes it also non conducting in nature and thus there is no danger of electric flow to some other conductor.

5. It Is Also Flexible and Does Not Lets the Wire Get Broken Easily:-

PVC coating is flexible and does not get broken down easily if you try to bend the wire while the inner element of copper or steel gets broken if you try to bend it. When coating with PVC, the inner wire gets a sort of protection against this bending and thus PVC coating is made to make the wire perfectly able to bend.

6. Saves the energy from getting wasted:-

If you go by the concepts of Physics, electricity is basically nothing but energy and when there is no PVC covering, there is also a danger of this energy getting wasted when any other conductor comes in contact with the copper or steel wire. Thus PVC coating proves to be an ideal option to save this electric energy.


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