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What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity


Albert Einstein is believed to be the wisest man ever on the earth. His theory of relativity was published which predicted that the space- time around the mother earth would not be only warped but also twisted by the earth’s rotation. This was shown to be correct in many ways and many researches and reports were made on this. Many successors to Einstein also gave countless thesis about this theory as well and in order to make you understand it, I am trying to describe it in simpler words to you.

What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

1. The Time, Einstein Gave the Theory of Relativity:-

Einstein gave the theory of relativity in year 1905. He in this theory illustrated that the laws of Physics are equal for all the observers that are not accelerating. He also concludes that the speed of light in a space where there is no air was independent of the motion of all observers.  This theory took him 10 long years and is thus considered amongst his top works.

2. What the Theory Determined:-

The theory of relativity determined that the massive objects (objects characterized with a heavy mass) can cause or result in a kind of distortion in space-time, that people refer to as gravity and he simplified it as the force of attraction in between two objects that they exert on one another.

3. Similar Theories Proposed By the Other Thinkers:-

The other thinkers like Sir Isaac Newton, etc. also proposed their similar theories regarding the topic of gravity as well. Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell over his head and he gave the theory of gravitation. He concluded that the force tugging in between two bodies is dependent on how massive each one amongst them is and how far apart the two lie from each other.

He also proposed the three laws of motion that stated that an object at rest will stay at rest and object in motion will stay in motion until an external force is applied, the second law being relative to the momentum and the third one stating that for each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

4. The Conclusions Made:-

The conclusion of the theory of relativity was that even like the center of earth is pulling you towards it, the center of mass of your body is also pulling you back at the earth and smaller mass will be rooted firmly while the massive body will barely fell a tug from you.

In relation to both the theories, including the ones that Einstein gave and the ones given by Newton, all the questions get answered that earlier used to be a kind of doubt creating for all. Now people knew why the leaves are falling on the ground and not going to the sky instead. Many questions got answered and orthodox society got acknowledged with many facts that were earlier unanswered.


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