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Harmful Effects of Scented Candles on Health

Harmful Effects of Scented Candles on Health


Candle is a structure made of wax with a thin thread glued in between. This serves to make it ignitable and thus we are able to produce light. The candle keeps on producing light till wax or other such flammable material used in it keeps on lasting and then the candle finally meets its end. These days’ fragranced candles have also come in fashion which produces fragrance when we light them. Though chandlers are making many bucks with every single sale of such fragranced candles, but researches prove that such candles are often related with life havocs which you can term as health hazards or harmful effects. Some of these harmful effects of scented or fragrance candles can be described as follows:-

Harmful Effects of Scented Candles on Health

Harmful Effects of Scented Candles on Health

1. When You Burn the Candle:-

When you burn a candle, everything present in the wax from which it is made gets burnt with it. If it is added with oil or other such perfume, it will surely give you the perfect smell, but most of the chandlers never use oils in order to generate smell and rather they use chemical and petroleum bi-products for this purpose.

2. The Resulting Smoke Gets Added To the Air:-

Now when you burn a candle and everything present in it gets burnt with the wax, the resulting smoke gets mixed with the air along with the other particles/resultants such formed and it gets mixed up with the air that we breathe in. If the resultant is good for health, we will get benefited when we breathe it in and it will be bad and harmful for us if is bad for health.

3. Effect of Petroleum Bi-Products:-

If the candle you purchased was made with chemical or petroleum based bi-products and fragrance adding agents, you will inhale them when they get mixed with the air around your candle. This will make your body experience entry of certain toxics that will have a bad effect on your health.

4. Spread Cancer:-

One such component of these fragrance causing agents is paraffin. When we purchase beauty products or cosmetics, we always ignore the ones added with paraffin as it can cause cancer, but we never check any candle if it is rich in this content or not. Well let me tell you that most of the perfumed candles made by chandlers are rich in this content

5. The Other Toxic Chemicals Found In Such Candles:-

Such perfumed or scented candles are also rich in toxic chemicals such as benzene or toluene which cause diseases like cancer if inhaled. They also damage your nervous system and make you fall a prey to skin tumors. You should thus avoid all such perfumed candles as they are havoc to humans.

6. Choose Bee-Wax, Stay Tension Free:-

The normally made candles just include bee wax or other such forms of wax which is completely natural and does not contain any such toxic chemical at all. You thus look only for normally made candles when you reach a chandler’s store in order to purchase them.


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