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Effects of Acid Rain on Buildings, Monuments and Statues

Effects of Acid Rain


Acid rain that can be understood as the acidification of the rain droplets that cause a fall in the pH level of rain drops, can be understood as the rain getting mixed up with the pollutants that cause acidification and proves to be harmful for us, but the question that arises here is that how can acid rain result in harm for us and what can be its effects on normal human beings? Here we are explaining some of those effects for you that an acidified rain can make you suffer from.

Effects of Acid Rain on Buildings, Monuments and Statues

Effects of Acid Rain on Buildings, Monuments and Statues

1. Corrosion of The Monuments:-

The acid rain is found to make a slow corrosion of monuments. The monuments that are made with the building material like marbles and limestone etc. Let me make you understand this with simple words. The polluted and acidified rain droplets fall on the building material of these monuments and cause corrosion.

2. Adding Of Chemicals To The Soil And River Bodies:-

When the water droplets in the rains get acidified, these droplets after falling on earth make it get affected with the chemicals like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, etc. all these chemicals deplete the fertility of soil and make harm to the plants. When these chemicals get mixed with the water bodies, they can really make the animals sick who depend on these water bodies to quench their thirst.

3. Prolonged Sickness:-

If a children bathes in this rain, It is most probable that he will fall sick within a short period of time or may be that even if he does not falls sick, He might meet some other health problem that is less noticeable, but too dangerous and thus it is advised to stay away when it is raining for the first time in any season.

4. Marine Life Gets Affected:-

Though the skin of frogs is built up in a way that they can bear even the acidic nature of water, but there are certain species of fishes that can’t bear it and hence die out of the acidification of water in the water bodies and hence acid rain proves to be harmful for the aquatic life as well. The acid rains due to rapid industrialization can be seen in China that suffers it because coal is used as a fuel to generate electricity in it which gets mixed up with water droplets making them polluted and acidified.

5. Damage To The Buildings And Soil:-

Acid rain is proven to put a harmful effect on the buildings, making them get corroded. The exposed parts of your skin when coming in contact with these chemicals may cause a sort of burning sensation. The soil also gets adversely affected with acid rains as there are some microbes in the soil that make it good for the production of crops, but these microbes are unable to tolerate changes in soil making it acidic and hence die out of acidification. The enzymes of these microbes stops functioning and hence they are not able to survive making the soil less fertile. Some minerals in the soil are also found to get spoiled due to this acidification.


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