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How to Effectively Win a Debate

how to effectively win a debate


Debating means to speak fluently on the stage or with someone in favor or against the motion. A topic is allotted for the professional debates that take place on the stage with competitors participating in it while if the debate is with some politician, there is one person who praises a thing and the other one opposes telling him what is false about what he or she is saying. A debate may be a college, school or university debate or it may be a parliamentary or politics based debate taking place on some news channel, but the essence of all of the debates is basically the same and that is to put forward the positive and negative views. In case you need to learn the skills to make your debating more effective, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to effectively win a debate

How to Effectively Win a Debate

1. Decide If You Are In Favor Or Against The Motion:-

In order to debate, first of all you will be provided with a topic and then you will need to decide if you are in the favor of motion or against it. If you are debating for some news channel, you may be required to expose some political so you may have to oppose the motion or in the other cases, you may also take the chance to speak in favor as well.

2. Gather Up the Matter on the Specific Matter:-

Now, after you are sure about the topic and that you are in favor or against the motion, you will just need to gather the matter on that specific topic and then add that to your notebook. Figure out the strong points that you think are suitable for your topic of debate and add them in symmetry one by one so that they get easily understandable when you speak them.

3. Make It More Effective With Facts And Figures and Some Proofs:-

Have some facts, figures and public opinions collected to have an evidence of the fact that you are putting in front of the public. Make sure that the public gets convinced what you speak in front of them. This can be best done if you get the print out proofs supporting your statement.

4. Speak boldly and do not Fear About anything if it is true:-

You are advised to speak boldly and fluently in front of the others. Do not fear about anything as the people who are watching you are not from some other planet. Be sure about everything that you have and put the evidences in front of the people. Fear should never be seen on your forehead if you are true by what you are speaking

5. Cut off Your Rivals’ Points:-

You are advised to cut off your rival’s points in case you need to go for a better debating. Simply keep on noting what the rival speaks and use those points against him or her. Put forward an irony in front of the public so as to open their eyes. End with a conclusion that should be equally bold as your voice.


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