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Effective Communication in the Workplace or Relationship

What is Effective Communication


Communication can be regarded as the process in which two people communicate and in other words you may say that they convey the feelings or state of mind in the language that is used for communication. Communication needs some signs and rules that you make use of and a specific means of communication that you will bring in use for doing so. Communication might be made by simply hand moves or by speaking, making use of your vocal chords and conveying your words in a specific language.

Effective Communication in the Workplace or Relationship

Effective Communication in the Workplace or Relationship

Forms of Communication:-

Communication may be made in a manner that follows a schematic usage of your words in an auditory way or may be made using your eyes as an expression or may be made through the biochemical means as well.

The normal humans generally make the usage of languages that help us convey your ideas while the deaf and dumb people follow some special hand movement based signs for this purpose.
If I talk about the animals, some of them make the usage of sound waves that humans can’t hear but can be heard by the other organisms of that species and some even make chemical communication. Some even generate waves so as to communicate with the others.

What Are The Means of Communication?

The approaches that can help you communicate with others are known as the means of communication. It may include your cell phone, the internet enabled computer device, the fax machine, the newspapers, journals, etc. All these things that I mentioned can make you communicate with others and are thus known as the means of communication.

What Are Communication Skills?

The skills or the abilities that you need in order to make communication with others are known as communication skills. This includes your vocabulary, your remembering power, your thinking power, your approach towards a particular situation, the way you convey your ideas and how much fluent you are in communicating with others.

Factors That Affect Communication?

All the things that can prevent you from communicating with another person are said to be involved in the factors that affect communication. It may include the language barrier, the ability to speak, the deafness, the dumbness and the lack of means of communication or the lack of understanding power or vocabulary etc.

Need of Communication:-

We need communication to stay in touch with others. Suppose you need a glass of water while you have gone to some relative’s home. If you are not able to speak and communicate with someone out there, you won’t be able to quench your thirst and this is why the communication is needed as it enables you to convey your ideas in a better way.

Having good communication skills is good for your career rather. If you think your voice is effective enough as to make an effect on others, you might choose to become a speaker. If you think your words are good enough to have an impact on people, you might choose to make a career in writing as well. Writing can even be considered a good means of communication.


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