How to Edit PDF File in Adobe Reader (5 Steps) – HowFlux

How to Edit PDF File in Adobe Reader (5 Steps)

How to Edit a PDF File


PDF or portable document format is a document with .PDF extension and it was developed by adobe systems to enhance a document with fixed layout and flat and fixed graphics, texts and fonts. The document seems un-editable to everyone but can be edited using some simply ways that we are explaining in this article.

How to Edit PDF File in Adobe Reader (5 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Edit PDF File in Adobe Reader

1. Adobe Acrobat Editing:-

Adobe acrobat is an application that is used to create and edit PDF files in a better way. What you need to do is just to get the application and open the PDF file with it that you want to be edited. Now you just need to go to the editing tool and edit the document the way you want. You can edit the images as well as the order of the pages or the text in it. This one is the best and time saving way to edit your PDF file.

2. Using Inkscape:-

This one is another application that allows you to edit your PDF files. This application lets you edit the text as well as allows you to add geometrical figures like rectangles, circles, spirals, stars etc to your document and change and fill colors in them. Just make the desired conversion and save the new file.

3. Software In Android Playstore:-

If you are using a smart phone or tablet instead of a computer, you can use its playstore to get the requisite software meeting your needs. You just need to write “PDF editor” in the search field of your gadget’s playstore search field and it will depict you the names of all PDF editor software available with it for your smart phone. You can download one and go for the necessary conversions.

4. Editing With Convertors:-

This technique takes time, but can prove to be the best for you in case you want to make changes in your PDF files. You just need to convert the PDF file that you have either online or through PDF to word converter software and get the file converted to a MS-word file through it. Online websites will require your file to be uploaded first and then you will be able to convert a MS-word version of it. The new downloaded file will have a .doc or .docx extension with it. Now make the necessary changes in it using ms-word software and then get it converted into PDF again using PDF to word conversion software.

5. Editing Care:-

All the four ways that we mentioned above have been tried by us ourselves and each one is as effective as the other. Editing with convertors requires multiple software and thus may take much time as it is an online process and if your document is a bulky one, you might even need a 3G connection on your device. You can even get a mobile version of adobe acrobat software as it can be purchased from the playstore as well. There are countless such software on playstore and thus using a mobile gadget with a powerful internet connection can sort out your problem as well.


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