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How to Edit Google Maps Address

how to edit google maps address


Google maps are the perfect application for finding any sort of address or map. Often it gets quite irritating to find an address if you don’t have the information about a specific place and thus Google maps prove to be the best option. These give you even the minute details of that address and come pre-installed in almost all the modern day devices like smart phones and tablets, etc. In order to open and edit Google maps, certain things need to be followed which can be mentioned as follows:-

how to edit google maps address

How to Edit Google Maps Address

1. Open Or Run the Google Maps Application:-

There is a dedicated application for Google maps in every android or smart phone device. In case you are switched to some other platform, you may be required to open up the Google maps application first of all and when the application gets running on your device, the rest of changes can also be made.

2. Sign-In the Application:-

You are not sorted simply by running the application, but you would need to sign in as well. In most of the devices, it would be your G-mail id using which you can make a sign-in to the Google maps application and then you would be able to see maps created by yourself and edit them as well.

3. Reach the Main Menu to the Top Left Corner:-

After the sign-up has been made and the Google maps have run. You would see a kind of menu at the top left corner. This is the execution menu from which you can easily locate the previously created maps by yourself, edit them and make new such maps.

4. Click My Maps to See Created Maps By yourself:-

There would be a “My Maps” option in the menu which you can click in order to view and edit the previously created maps by yourself and then you can choose the one you would like to edit. The resolution of map can be increased or decreased using the plus and minus icon provided with each map and the rest of it can be done by entering a specific new address into the search field.

5. Click a Map in the List:-

In order to edit a map, simply click its name from the list and the map would get opened. The changes with the addresses can be specified in the dedicated area and using the search field, any similar address can also be located.

6. Click Open Original Map to Edit the Map you opened:-

Now in case you wish to visit the original map on which you had made changes, you can click ‘Open original map” option and the same map would get opened again. The changes can be made and then the same map can be procured once again. The Google maps editing goes handy this way with all the users.


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