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How to Eat Rice Without Gaining Fat

How to Eat Rice without Getting Fat


Rice is a seed of rice plant which is a kind of grass species. It is basically a cereal grain, which is a form of staple food that most of us Asians consume in order to stay fit and fine. Rice is one of the most important grains cultivated for the purpose of human nutrition and caloric intake. There are many varieties of rice and the fact that will it make us fat or not totally depend on the type of rice only. Production of rice depends on rainfall pattern and most of the Asian people consume it in order to prevent themselves from getting fat while American people complain that it makes them fat. Here are some ways in which you can consume this cereal grain without getting fat:-

How to Eat Rice Without Gaining Fat

How to Eat Rice Without Gaining Fat

1. Soak the Rice to the Point of Germination:-

One of the best approaches to make rice healthy for eating is to soak it up till the point of germination in water first of all. Treating rice this way makes it fit for eating and it does not make you gain fat as well. You can simply boil rice in order to mix it up with sugar syrup or salt in order to eat it like this.

2. Take Rice in A Limited Amount:-

The best way to consume rice is to consume it in a limited amount. When you look at any rice recipe on internet, you should also note down its amount of serving as well as amount of carbs and calories in that particular dish so that you may customize its amount to be taken your way according to your health needs.

3. Add less Butter and Make it in an Unprocessed Way:-

Some of the people add excess spices and butter while making it. If you are planning to use ghee in your rice, try to make use of cow’s ghee instead of buffalo ghee or butter. Cow’s ghee is better to be bought in use if taken in a limited amount. Keep the amount of ghee limited in your rice so as to control the amount of fats taken.

4. Boil It in Water than To Fry It in Oil:-

Some people in the western nations make oil by frying instead of cooking or boiling it in water. Oil cooking always gives an invitation to fats and free radicals both of which are harmful for health and thus we will advise you not to use oil for cooking rice.

5. Adding Raw Veggies to It:-

The veggies that you add to your boiled rice are better if sliced and diced first in order to add them raw. Sprinkle a suitable amount of salt on your rice to make it fit for eating. If you are a patient of blood pressure, you should not use salt or sugar in your rice and rather you can make them in a sugar free way.

6. Observe Your Intake:-

Besides this, you should observe your intake of rice to note down the fats and calories that you are consuming with each plate of rice. You can control the amount of fats taken through your diet if you feel like getting fat at some point of time.


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