6 Easy Steps For Becoming a Buddhist

Steps For Becoming a Buddhist


Buddhists are the people who follow the teachings and sayings of Buddha. Basically if you are following the Buddha dharma or the Buddha religion, you are a Buddhist. There are several ways in which you can become a Buddhist and if you are from some other religion and Buddhism seems to fascinate you and you think that it is the religion you should go for, you can choose to follow some tips that we are mentioning here.

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6 Easy Steps For Becoming a Buddhist

1. Move to an Area Where Buddhists reside:-

The best way to become a Buddhist is to learn Buddhist ideologies and to learn and adopt the Buddhist ideologies to the best level, you may choose to move to an area that has got Buddhists living in it. Simply meet these people, get the necessary knowledge about the Buddhist ideologies and spend some time with them learning and adopting their ways. Buddhists are very much stick to their praying schedule and thus you might have to wait till they finish their pilgrimage so as to have a meet with them.

2. Become a Follower:-

While you choose to follow some person who is a born Buddhist, you will be able to become a Buddhist in a better way as he is himself related to that religion from the very childhood and will make you aware of every good and bad point about it as well.

3. Get the Necessary Knowledge about Buddhism:-

Choose any way of becoming a Buddhist, but the most necessary is to get the requisite knowledge about it. The Buddha and his teachings should be the best of your knowledge and it is better if you know about the past and present of this religion as well.

4. Stay In Touch With the Buddhist Monks:-

Another way that can prove to be effective in making a Buddhist out of you is to get in touch with a Buddhist monk. You will find them in Nepal and other surrounding areas. Simply meet them, go on mediation with them. Talk with them and follow each and every word they teach you, but beware not to disturb them while they are in their pilgrimage.

5. Take the Three Refuges, Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha:-

Buddha religion is basically based on the refuges and you will need to know all about these refuges before becoming a Buddhist. There are three refuges in Buddhism and these are mainly the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. If you wish to take a refuge, you will need to meet a monk and seek his guidance for this purpose. You may even choose to take a refuge before some idol of Lord Buddha is a Buddhist monk is not available.

6. Follow the Teachings Whole Heartedly:-

Simply meeting a Buddhist monk and enquiring about the refuges in not simply the enough thing, but instead you will need to follow the teachings as well. You should be completely aware about what the religion teaches the followers to inculcate in them and when you abide by that all, you will be able to call yourself a Buddhist.


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