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How to Dry Clean a Wool Coat at Home

How to Dry Clean Wool Coat


Cleaning a garment with organic solvent instead of water means dry cleaning it. As the name suggests, this cleaning is perfectly dry and we use approaches like usage of petrol, acetone, spirit etc. In order to remove stains in this purpose. If you have a woolen coat with you in your house, it is always prone to damage when you wash it with water. Small flaky balls start developing over wool if you wash it in water and thus the best approach for cleaning such clothes is dry cleaning. In order to dry-clean your woolen coat, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Dry Clean a Wool Coat at Home

How to Dry Clean a Wool Coat at Home

1. Get the Organic Solvent and Other Essentials Ready In Advance:-

You will need an electric iron, an organic solvent (say petrol, acetone, spirit etc.); you will need a cleaning brush as well as some water in a mug as well. Woolen clothes are prone to shrinking and thus we do not use much water with them. The approach is kept as dry as possible.

2. Physically Clean the Woolen Coat:-

In this approach, we use a brush in order to agitate the dust particles and to make them fall off from the surface of your coat.  The dust particles deposited on the surface of coat get removed this way. Now we inspect its surface to check if there are some tough stains on it or not. Grab the woolen coat from the place where stains reside and keep a note of that place.

3. Prepare the Organic Cleaner Solution:-

Pour the water taken in mug into a spraying bottle. Take some more water into the mug, say 50ml and add a little amount of detergent to it. Now take some amount of organic cleaner solution into another mug. Pour the organic cleaner solution on the stain and rub it with brush immediately. The stain gets cleaned immediately.

4. In Case of Tough Stains:-

If the stain is extra tough and does not goes with just organic cleaner, We will splash a handful of water on the stained spot and we will dip the brush in detergent solution to rub the spot gently with it. We spray some water after brushing that spot and then the water is sponged off in such a way that complete coat does not get wet and instead just a selected portion is exposed to water. Now we sprinkle the organic cleaner again if still some traces of that stain are left uncleaned. The coat is spread under the sun for some time afterwards.

5. Brush the Coat again:-

After keeping the coat exposed to the sun, the smell of organic cleaner gets removed from it. We brush the coat again and it gets ready for wearing. If the smell still persists, you can deodorize your coat with the help of some perfume spray or you can keep it exposed to the sun for some more time and you can wear it as soon as it gets back to normal once again.


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