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How Different Drugs Affect The Brain

How Different Drugs Affect The Brain


Just like, a computer is nothing but simply a useless box without its C.P.U, even the human body is useless without its C.P.U or you can say brain. Brain brings about an action to all the processes related to the human body. Drugs, on the other hand is a name given to the chemicals that affect the human brain by interfering into its communication system and then bringing about a kind of imbalance in all the responses and responsive activities related to it.  This includes the activities like interfering with the information sent/received by the neurons, response to specific stimuli, affecting the mental thinking ability etc. The ways in which drugs affect the brain can be explained as follows:-

How Different Drugs Affect The Brain

How Different Drugs Affect The Brain

1. Activate Neurons And Even Affect The Way They Transfer Information:-

There are some drugs like marijuana and heroin etc. which can activate neurons because their chemical structure mimics that of a natural neurotransmitter. The neurons get activated and this proves to be a plus point if drug intake was limited in order to activate the action of neurons, but if it was made in an uncontrolled or unobserved amount, the drug soon starts affecting the way of transfer of information of neurons and thus the person is much likely to get affected this way.

2. The Pleasure that they provide:-

One way in which drugs affect the brain is called “Pleasure”. Pleasure is a kind of achievement that our body gets as a reward of any activity and when we take drugs, we feel that we are getting pleasure. Pleasure is a powerful biological activity that makes you urge for more when you get it and thus this results in addiction.

3. Change in Decision Making Capability:-

It has rather been seen that most of the drugs also affect your decision making capability. Drugs like opium, marijuana, heroin etc. can make a person lose his thinking capabilities within no time and such a person will stay stressful when he does not get his regular dosage of a particular drug.

4. Thirst for More Pleasure:-

A drug makes you thirst for more pleasure. When you do not get a particular drug, you strive to get its dosage and when you get its dosage, you thirst for more of its dosage. There comes a stage when you completely get dependent on a particular drug and this makes our situation really pathetic.

5. Impairs Brain Functioning If Consumed For Long Time:-

Drug usage impairs brain functioning if we keep consuming it for a long time. Drug usage makes you feel relaxed and you crave even to get a single dose of it. When a particular supply of drug is prevented, you feel recall pathetic and it appears like you can’t even survive without it. This makes you experience withdrawal symptoms and soon your mind loses all its balance and control with the body’s senses and organs.

6. Better if used As a Medicine but Worse if used As a Drug:-

According to a famous druggist and chemist Mr. John, a drug is a medicine till you use it in a controlled and doctor prescribed manner. It becomes poison and addiction when you start using it in an uncontrolled amount. The case is same with every medicinal and non-medicinal drug. If you are even taking a headache curing pill regularly for no need, all the headache treatment pills will soon stop working on your body as your body will get accustomed of it. Most of the drugs appeal to be stress relieving in the initial stage, but then the person himself becomes a stress for others.


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