How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Cell Phone

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone


YouTube these days has become the hub of HD quality videos that can really give you a lifetime video quality experience within your Android device and these days even the movies, TV serials, the comedy shows, the videos of almost all the new coming songs as well as the movie previews and news videos are uploaded on it which you can easily download and save to your phone. In case you need to go for the same, the tips that we are mentioning here may prove to be beneficial for you.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

1. First of All Download Some YouTube Video Download Software on Play store:-

In order to download the YouTube videos over your mobile phone, you will first of all need to download a YouTube video downloaded software to your device and then you will need to run it as well. In some of the cases, some other software or online websites may also prove helpful.

2. If You Do Not Find It on the Play store, Go For the Tube mate Software:-

In case you are not finding a software matching your requirements on the play store or any other such hub of downloads, you may simply write “Tube Mate” in Google’s search field and the Tube Mate software results will be depicted out of which you need to download the tube mate software and then run it within your device. This one is sure to be functional as I have used it in almost more than 20 kinds of phones.

3. Now Run The Software And Open The Video That You Need To Download:-

After the software has been run from your side, the YouTube videos can be played and viewed in this software and there will be some icons drawn on the top that you can make use of in order to download the certain video to your device.

4. You Get Two Options, To Watch the Video and To Download the Video:-

Now you have got two options. One will be to watch the video online and the other one will be to download the videos. You can even do both the jobs at the same time if the network connection is a speedy one.

5. Click the Download Icon at the Top and Then, Select the File Resolution:-

Now, there is a download icon given at the top of this software that you can use in order to download the video. Simply click this icon, select the resolution that you need and click on the download button. The video will be parsed first and then the download will begin.

6. Play the Downloaded File:-

After the file gets downloaded, it will be stored on your device and you can play it anytime that you need. Try out downloading the more videos same way or you may even make the mp3 versions out of this software watching the YouTube videos and saving the sound of video that you really need.