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How to Download Playstore in Windows Phone

How to Download Playstore in Windows Phone


Play Store is an application store from Google that comes pre-installed in every Android handset but it is not pre-installed in the Windows smart phones. Window smartphones instead have their own application store for this purpose, but still one can download Google Play Store in their windows phone to enjoy quality applications from Google. In order to download Google Play Store application in your window handset, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to Download Playstore in Windows Phone

How to Download Playstore in Windows Phone

1. If You Are Using Windows-10:-

  • Make a Log-In:- If you have a windows live ID, you can easily fill-in its username and password to connect your account with your windows phone first. Without a windows live ID, you can’t access the most relevant and suitable features of your phone and thus you should make a windows live log-in first.
  • Open up the application store:- You always have a windows application store on your windows phone. If you do not see it in your phone’s menu, you might have made it disabled or your phone might be a rooted mobile. Simply enable the application and open it up with a working internet connection now.
  • Search for Play Store:- After opening up the application store, you will come across many application categories some out of which will be free and some will ask you for a charge in order to download them. Above these categories, you will see a search field. Write the word “Google Play Store” in this search field and click the search button.
  • Download from the Results shown:- The application store will display a variety of results matching your search keyword now. One out of these searches will be the Google Play Store. Simply click the install button now to download and run this application on your device.

2. Download It from Softonic:-

If you do not find an application for Google Play Store on your phone’s application market, you can instead search for it on websites like Softonic. You will first need to set your device platform as windows and then you can browse the categories to find Google Play Store application for yourself. You can also search for it writing search keyword in the search field.

3. Download It from CNET:-

There is another such website called CNET. I recently watched an icon for Google Play Store on this website. There are countless such websites and application stores which make you enabled to download Play Store on your device. If someone amongst your friends is already using Play Store application on his windows phone, you can ask him to send you the application via Shareit application which makes the use of your phone’s Wi-Fi device in order to send files via hotspot facility.

4. Get A Back-Up File From Someone Else:-

If you see a Google Play Store application in someone else’s window mobile handset, you can easily get the application file from them asking them to back-up the application file and to send the back-up file to your phone via Bluetooth. This file can later-on be installed as an application installing it to your original windows handset.


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