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How to Download Android Apps on your Computer

How to Download Android Applications on Your Personal Computer


Android applications are the applications which can be installed and used in an android operating system only. These applications come with an “.apk” file extension and these are often smaller in size as compared to the personal computer based bulky applications. Though I told you that these applications cannot be run or opened on any other device except an Android operating system but with the arrival of an android simulator application, it became possible for a person to play android applications on your personal computer as well.

How to Download Android Apps on your Computer

How to Download Android Apps on your Computer

In order to download android applications on your personal computer, you can follow these simple steps:-

1. Use Any Android Application Based Website:-

The first and easiest way to download an Android application on your computer system is to reach some online application based website. There are many websites like and etc, which some in this category. Simply choose your category as an android operating system and all the applications that you download from these websites will have an .apk extension with them.

2. Sign-In To Google Play store Online:-

Google play store can also be accessed online. For this purpose you will have to write in your address bar and the Google play store online page will get opened. You will need to log-in here with your Gmail ID. After you make a log-in, you can download any number of android applications on your computer choosing them from the free category. You might be asked to connect your debit card or VISA card for some paid applications or pro versions.

3. Add it as a Chrome Extension:-

Google Chrome these days supports a function to add extensions to it. These extensions are actually the apk versions. Small apk’s get attached with Google Chrome as an extension and you are able to play them with your browser on your desktop and thus you can use this method in order to download android applications directly to your computer.

4. Get It Downloaded In Your Smartphone to Save It in Your Personal Computer:-

Here I am mentioning an easy trick for you to get Android applications for your computer system and this one is the easiest amongst all if you have an Android operating system enabled device.

  • Simply download your favorite applications after signing-up in your android device first.
    Now download application back-up software on your device.
  • Use this application to back-up all the desired applications. The backed-up applications can be located in a backup folder in your device’s internal memory storage.
  • Now connect your device with your computer using a data cable and copy the backup files of these applications on your computer. Create a special folder for these files so that you may be able to copy any number of files in this folder without letting them merge in other files.
  • The backed-up files can then be used as a real application via an android simulator application like blue stack or some other such android apk player.


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