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How to Donate Cord Blood

Cord Blood Donation - How to Donate Cord Blood


Cord blood refers to the blood that remains in the placenta part or the umbilical cord after the child has taken birth. This blood is called cord blood because this blood is obtained from the cords and it is rich in stem cells which can be bought in use to cure problems like hematopoietic or genetical disorders which is why it is collected by most of the health hubs for the cure of these diseases. If you also wish to donate this blood after your child has taken birth, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

Cord Blood Donation - How to Donate Cord Blood

How to Donate Cord Blood

1. Reach A Pubic Cord Blood Bank:

In order to donate the cord blood, the first approach that you may choose to go for is an Umbilical cord blood Bank. This one serves to be a blood bank that deals in saving all the kinds of blood that are obtained from cord area and thus proves to be a better donation hub.

2. Get It Stored In A Family Cord Blood Bank:-

You can also ask for the option of family cord blood donation bank options if this one is available in your country as most of the country these days have a provision of family cord blood bank which safeguards cord blood for the purposes of serving people from the same family when they meet some disorder that can be treated with this blood.

3. If You Do Nothing, It Gets Wasted:-

Think again if you are planning not to donate this blood as finally you have got your child as healthy as normal but even if you don’t donate it, the blood is still going to get wasted and there won’t be any benefit made with it but if you donate it, this blood can really save someone’s life.

4. Ask the Doctor Who Is Treating You That You Wish To Donate This Blood:-

If you have made your mind to go for the donation of this blood, you can try out asking your family doctor about this. The family doctor can give you the right advice and the right place where this blood can be donated. Most of the hospitals even have their own blood donation links that make you go nowhere and the blood gets donated at the same hospital where your treatment is going on.

5. There Are Provisions for It with Most of the Blood Banks:-

There are provisions for the donation of cord blood with most of the blood banks and a single call to these blood donation hubs can make them reach you within a couple of minutes to take the donation made from your side without even asking you to move to their place at all.

6. The Approach is always safe and free:-

The approach for the donation of cord blood is always safe and free of cost. It is really good if you are planning to donate this blood as after all it is free of cost and can really save someone’s life making him get treated against genetic disorders.


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