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How to Make Your Dog Smell Good after Bath

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good after Bath


When a dog gets dirty, we give it a bath but sometimes even after giving the dog a bath; it still stinks or smells badly. Dogs smell really foul sometimes and it may be because of their eating habits, playing habits or even because of the living conditions. In order to end such stinky smell, the best approach to be followed is to bring changes to their living conditions and company they are kept with but still the smell persists in case of some dogs and stays lifelong. In order to make such dogs smell good after making them have a bath, you need some special steps to be followed and thus here we have bought some tips for you to reduce the smell that comes out of your dog even after bathing:-

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good after Bath

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good after Bath

1. Clean the Urinating and Stool Area:-

We always use a toilet paper or water in order to clean the urinating organ or stool area when we get finished with the morning jobs, but dogs are never able to do that and thus when you give your dog a bath, never forget to brush up the dog’s private organs like urinating area and stool area so as to make it get rid of all the filth stuck in these areas.

2. Use Baby Wipes To Clean Its Fur and Ears:-

Baby wipes can be bought in use to clean the dog’s fur and ears. You can purchase these baby wipes from any departmental store or baby products selling store. Be careful enough while, cleaning the dog’s ears as else you may make damage to it. Such organs of a dog are really vital and thus they should be handled with care.

3. Switch the Dog to a Vegetarian Diet:-

A non vegetarian diet always makes the dog experience problem of bad odor out of its mouth. When the dog stays non vegetarian, it is supposed to have a bad odor and thus switching to a highly vegetarian diet with vegetables and fruits added to it can be a better option.

4. Mix Some Baking Soda to Your Dog’s Bath Tub:-

When you take the dog for bathing, just add some amount of baking soda to its bath-tub or bathing water. This will make the dog get rid of bad smell out of its body. If baking soda is not available, you can also use some other substitute like cornstarch as well.

5. Use Some Deodorizing Spray on Your Dog’s Coat:-

If the bad odor still persists even after making the dog have a bath, just sprinkle a significant amount of deodorant or perfume over the electric bulb of the room or spray a significant amount of room freshener in the room. You can even use a good brand of deodorizing spray with your dog’s coat so as to make it start smelling good. Don’ forget to brush the dog when you are making it have a bath. Brushing can make the dog get rid of all what is making it stink.


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