How do Dog Fleas Affect Humans

How Do Dogs Fleas Affect Humans


Dog Fleas are the small parasite flies or insects that form the order Siphonapetra. These are called fleas despite of having no wings, but still they are of a great pain to dogs as the piercing mouth parts of these fleas make them able to pierce a dog’s skin and suck its blood. When you have a dog affected by these parasite fleas, your house is prone to infestation of these fleas as well. The dog will roll on the floor mat, it will enter any of the rooms in your house and thus the mats/mattresses etc. in your house will also be prone to the infestation of such fleas. The infestation of these fleas causes health problems to humans as well. The effects of pet infested fleas for humans can be described as follows:-

How do Dog Fleas Affect Humans

How do Dog Fleas Affect Humans

1. Fleas Suck Your Blood:-

The human body carries both, warmth as well as blood. Not just these two factors attract fleas towards humans, but instead the vibrations emitted by you and gas exhaled by you also attracts fleas. We inhale oxygen and release out carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide attracts these fleas and thus they stick to our skin sucking blood from it.

2. These Fleas Make You Prone to Diseases:-

Once a flea starts sucking your blood, they cause you skin irritation, loss of hair and other such conditions like lethargy etc. in their host. The fleas soon infest our surroundings and start infesting others as well. The same factors prove to be their way of exploring your environment and thus flea affect you with plaque, tapeworms, mites, parasitic infection, abdominal pain and other such health conditions. In order to get rid of the infestation of these fleas, you should ensure proper vacuuming and cleaning conditions in your house.

3. A Dog Brings Them Even If It Is Clean:-

Your pet dog has always got all sorts of freedom to move in and out of the house. Your dog will sometimes be rolling over the floor and other time it will be biting your shoes or licking your slippers. Even if you brush and wash your dog properly, still it is likely to come in contact with some local dogs who infest it with fleas and thus it is likely to bring home some fleas with it as well.

4. Beware When the Dog itches:-

When your dog enters with fleas sucking its blood, it tries to itch the skin in order to get rid of the fleas on its skin. If he gets rid of the flea from its body, the flea will still be there in your house. If your dog carried multiple fleas on its body, your house and you both are prone to all these fleas as the dog will surely try to get rid of them by itching. The flea thus lays eggs and they get multiplied in number.

5. These Fleas Are Attracted To Warmth:-

These fleas are attracted to warmth. Every animal in your house, thus attracts these fleas. Moist and dark places like rat holes and cracks in your house prove to be a breeding place for such fleas. The fleas lay eggs and thus even you get prone to them as even your body has got warmth with it.


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