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Why Do Women Lie About Their Past

Why Do Women Lie About Their Past


It has been seen time and again that women always lie about their past. If you ask a guy a question, “did you have any girlfriend in past?”, he is but obvious to say yes for sure even if he had no girlfriend in past, but if you ask the same question from a girl, you will get only a single answer “No” even if she had a past with multiple boyfriends. We tried to talk with various women in our knowledge about this and most of them agreed upon the fact that they never reveal truth to their partner as there is always a fear of spoiling the future which waits for them with a particular person. Here are the arguments that these women gave in response to this statement.

Why Do Women Lie About Their Past

Why Do Women Lie About Their Past

1. A Lie Is Never a Lie If It Saves Your Life:-

The first argument that we got in response to our question was this. “A lie is never a lie if it saves your life”. According to women whom we met, to disclose your past to your husband is like ripping off your leg with an axe yourself. If you tell your partner that you had a past with multiple boyfriends and guy friends, he starts treating you like a whore and thus it is always better to speak lies in order to save your life.

2. Even If You Tell It, the Husband Will Treat You as A Spoiled Natured Girl:-

Suppose you tell your husband that you had a boyfriend in the past. The next question that he will ask you after this answer from your side will be “Had you also slept with him?” The husband will then start ridiculing you as a spoiled natured girl. It will open up his boundaries to stay in relation with multiple girls after marriage and you won’t be able to prevent him as he will start blackmailing you.

3. You Experience Taunts:-

Not just blackmailing follows your true answer, but the husband also starts taunting you like anything. Every small clash soon turns into a big fight where he calls you a girl who slept with multiple boys. Your husband starts treating you like a call girl and a sex toy afterwards. It is thus always better to speak lies in order to gain your husband’s trust as this society is a male dominated one where males can have a past but women can’t.

4. The Fear of What Society Will Say:-

Most of the women also fear about what society will say if her husband takes divorce with her or leaves her company after the truth being disclosed. Even if he does not say anything on this topic, still his wife’s respect gets lowered down in his eyes and thus wives have to speak lies in order to safeguard that respect from getting spoiled.

5. Can you live With a Tag of “Characterless”:-

I met a woman named “Neha Singh” from Dwarka, Delhi and I asked the same question from her. She did not give me an answer but just said, “Can you live with a tag of being characterless?” I could not get her point first but soon her friend elaborated the answer for me. According to her, a girl with multiple relations in her past is considered characterless and thus a girl should never disclose her past even if she had it.


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