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Do Dogs Dream ? Information About Dogs

Do Dogs Dream ? Information About Dogs


Many a times when a dog is sleeping, the owner finds that the dog is quivering or may make twitches with its legs or may even grow all of a sudden or may even snap at some sleep created phantom that gives an impression that even the dogs do dream when they are sleeping.

Brain of a dog is somewhat similar to that of a human in structure and during the sleeping period, the brain wave pattern of this animal is similar to that of we humans and even it is likely to be dreaming. The electrical activity in a dog’s brain is almost same as the human that gives us the idea that even the dogs are dreaming at night.

Do Dogs Dream ? Information About Dogs

Do Dogs Dream ? Information About Dogs

What Actually Happens :-

Actually, the dog’s brain is a complex organ and shows up the same electrical pattern as the humans do, we can assume that even the dogs are dreaming but there is no evidence about what they are dreaming, is it some common dog activity or something else.

How We Know The Dog Is Dreaming :-

Just let your dog get asleep and start observing your dog the moment it gets dozed off and you will notice that the dog’s breath gets regular when he is in a deep sleep. After about half an hour the dog starts dreaming that can be noticed with the dog’s breath getting shallow and irregular.

Odd muscle twitches might also be seen and the dog’s eyes might be moving behind the closed eye lids and that happens as the dog is actually looking at the images in its dream. The dog takes it as the real images of the world and the eyes start moving. The eye movements are mostly the characteristic of the dreaming when sleeping.

Do I Need To Worry About My Dog ?

When in your childhood, you had a bad nightmare, your mother did not do anything, but just hugged you and you got comforted, same is the case with the dogs, even they need love and care only.
If the dog had a bad dream and started howling when awaken or showing some irregular sign of discomfort, you should just reach your dog and pat him slightly with your hand showing it that his master is with him and the dog needs not to worry like your mother used to do in your childhood and if the dreaming period of the dog is associated with irregular behavior, you should consult a good vet-expert.


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