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How Do Bees Make Honey

How Do Bees Make Honey


Bees live in hives and they stay in swarm or groups of many bees. These keep on surrounding the flowers so as to collect nectar from them and then convert it to honey. Talking about the same, there is a queen bee that stays in the hive while the others are worker bees that go for pollination as well as the collection of nectar. These communicate with each other either chemically or choreographically and thus finally make honey that proves to be a boon against many kinds of illnesses.

How Do Bees Make Honey

How Do Bees Make Honey

1. Bees Live In Colonies or Groups:-

As I told you earlier that bees stay in colonies and stay in groups or swarms and there is a queen bee while the others are worker bees, these bees work together with unity to bring forward a huge task in small amount of time and that is namely the pollination, the collection of nectar and later on making the honey.

2. The Queen Bee Supervises Them:-

The queen bee that stays in the hive supervises them while communicating and when a worker bee arrives with a message of flower or nectar source located nearby, the queen bee sends all the other worker bees on a mission to collect the nectar and make honey out of it. The communication is made in dancing way or the chemical based way.

3. The Bees Collect Nectar from Flowers:-

A honey bee visits a flower and collects some of its nectar. Many plants use nectar as a way of encouraging insects as this will attract them towards it and in turn help in the process of pollination as the legs of these bees are enough not carry the pollen along with it and thus the process of pollination is made. Most flower nectars are similar to sugar water or you can say are equivalent to sucrose mixed with water.  Now this sucrose mixed water is brought in use by the bees in order to make the honey.

4. They Help In Pollination:-

As I told you earlier that the bees help in pollination, thus we can say that both the plants as well as bees are depending on each other for getting their needs fulfilled and thus bees help in pollination while the trees help them make the honey.

5. The Honey Is Made From Collected Nectar:-

Bees produce certain kinds of enzymes that can turn the sucrose into glucose and fructose. Now this conversion involves the water to be evaporated and thus the substance left behind is the pure honey.
There is an enzyme in bees that can revert and convert most of the sucrose in nectar to the carbon sugars and when attacked by the other enzymes, the glucose gets oxidized and makes it get converted to honey and finally we just distract the bees from their hive and collect that honey for our personal purposes.


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