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4 Disadvantages of Using these Fossil Fuels

Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuels are the fuels that have results because of the life forms that once existed on this planet and turned to fossils after they died and various atmospheric processes changed those fossils to the fuels that we use today in various appliances and applications. Though these fuels have proven to be advantageous for us to a lot extent, but prove to have some disadvantages as well, which prove to threaten the existence of man itself on this planet and thus we are explaining some of those disadvantages here to make you aware of the threat that these fossils put you at a rick of.

4 Disadvantages of Using these Fossil Fuels

Disadvantages of Using these Fossil Fuels

1. Take Million of Years To Form Again:-

These fossil fuels are formed after million years of processing that the earth has given to the fossils of the life forms that once used to exist on this planet that later on died and their decayed, dead bodies got buried in the soil and after years of getting buried under the earth’s crust, these fossil fuels got formed from them. Which was a result of million of years and thus these fossil fuels are nonrenewable which proves to be another disadvantage of them.

2. Result In Acid Rains:-

Your parents must be seen warning you not to play when it is raining for the first time in the season. This is because of the fact that this rain is acidic in nature with pH acidic. The carbon pollutants that are present in environment because of the combustion of these fuels have resulted in making the rains acidic that is becoming a great threat to us as well as the aquatic life and soil. The monuments are getting corroded and the buildings are getting weak day by day. The paints get scratched in these rains and thus there is a great loss to the fertility of soil as well.

3. High Rates of purchasing:-

The fuels like petrol and coal, natural gas, etc that we are making use of in our day to day lives is getting costly day by day. Talking about the prices of petrol in India, they have arise up to rupees 70 per liter, which becomes un affordable for the common people sometimes. The other fuels like coal, natural gas, etc. are also getting costly, which takes these fuels again at a disadvantage that we have from them.

4. A Threat To The Environment:-

Though fossil fuels have made our lives a bit easy by fulfilling the energy related needs that we experience in our day to day lives, but still these fuels are becoming a great threat to environment as these fuels are composed of carbon and hydrogen and when burnt it gives rise to the carbonic pollutants that prove to be a threat to the environment. It has contributed a lot to the accumulation of greenhouse gases as well as the depletion of the ozone layer. The global warming that has become a major issue for us these days is also a culprit to this rising pollution only and thus we are in a great threat because of these fuels that we think life to be impossible without.


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