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3 Tricks on Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube


YouTube is a platform for connecting with others via video sharing. On this platform, you can talk to the others or send them your message via videos uploading them to your private channel and then sharing the link of those videos with them. There is a function called “Restricted Mode” in YouTube, which can be bought in use to disable explicit/objectionable results from the content results. If you switch to restrict mode and make it locked, the pornographic/violent/objectionable results are not shown in any list, but sometimes it has been seen that there are some genuine results which also get hidden in this mode and in order to get an access to those channels back, you can disable restricted mode following these simple steps:-

How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

3 Tricks on Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

1. Disable YouTube Restricted Mode on Desktop:-

  • Come To the Bottom of Your Page:- While working on a desktop, you will find the option to enable or disable restricted mode at the end of your screen and thus you should rotate the wheel of your mouse in order to come to the bottom of YouTube page now.
  • Click “Restricted Mode On” Caption:- At the end of YouTube page on your screen, you will find an option depicting “Restricted mode on” which means restricted mode has been enabled on your computer. You can click the same option in order to disable the restricted mode.
  • Restricted Mode gets disabled:- When you click “Restricted mode on” caption at the bottom of your screen, it gets changed with “Restricted mode off”. The restricted mode gets disabled this way and you can enable it back following the same approach.

2. Disable YouTube Restricted Mode on Mobile:-

  • Tap The Gear Icon: – If you are using a YouTube application on your mobile, the application will have a gear icon for menu options in it. You have to click this gear option first.
  • The Menu gets expanded:- The gear option will get expanded like this and you will come across a number of other options. One of these options will be the settings option.
  • Enter the Settings:- Click the settings option in order to enter the YouTube settings. This is the section where you can find options to make changes to the YouTube application.
  • Tap Restricted Mode Section:- Wth these options, you will find a restricted mode section clicking which you can easily enable or disable the restricted mode with your YouTube application.

3. Disable the Locked Restricted Mode

  • Fill In Your Email I.D Username and Password if it asks you:- In some of the cases, a user has locked the restricted mode on his desktop or mobile. This restricted mode locked setting can be changed to unlock by entering the Email ID or username and password in the restricted mode lock section to make the restricted mode gets unlocked once again.
  • Click “Lock Restricted Mode on This Browser” Option:- If you are using YouTube red, you will find an option to enable restricted mode in the general settings option of your application. In order to unlock the restricted mode in any mobile/desktop browser, you just need to click the “Lock Restricted mode on this browser” option and you can make any kind of changes to the restricted mode settings.


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