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Why is it Difficult to Learn English

why is it difficult to learn english in a formal manner


English once was just a dialect and poets like Chaucer transformed it to a fully fledged language of England.  When we are born in some non-native English speaking country, it takes time for us to learn it. Obviously, when we are born in a non native country and we try to speak a particular language, it will take us more time to learn it than a native speaker as in his case the language was his mother tongue. English is not as difficult as it seems to be learnt. Instead you just need to take care about small factors in order to learn it and I can bet that you will be able to speak it as good as a native speaker.

why is it difficult to learn english in a formal manner

Why is it Difficult to Learn English

1. Your Attitude Decides It A Lot:-

The problem with some people is that they do not have a relaxed attitude about this language. They have permanently fixed a sign board in their mind that they can’t learn this language. Well, let me tell you that this language borrows lots of its traits from the other languages and thus it is similar to the other languages in several ways. If you are able to spot a similarity between your language and English, you can easily speak it without any hesitation.

2. Learn How To Punctuate:-

English is just like any other language that you speak. First make a collection of sentences that you bring in general use and then learn their English translations. You will easily be able to learn English like this. Some people feel problem with the way of speaking English. Such people can purchase an Oxford dictionary in order to learn perfect way of punctuating words from it.

3. Learn the Rules of Grammar:-

Just like any other language, English language also has its grammar. Try learning the grammar of English by matching its similarities of your language and find dis-similarities in English and your own language to know the rest of topics included in it.

4. Strengthen Your Vocabulary:-

First, answer a simple question “Why do we learn a language?” We learnt a language because we had been speaking it from the very childhood days. The most important step in these directions was vocabulary. Our parents asked us to say “papa”, “mamma” and other such words, even when we were unable to speak. While we kept growing side by side, we also kept learning new words which made us learn a specific language. The same should be done with English to learn it in an easy way.

5. Just Remember A Few Rules:-

There is a simple formula for learning building sentences in English. The formula is “S+V+O”. Where “S” is subject, “V” is form of verb and “O” is object. Subject and Object stay the same in every sentence while the form of verb keeps on changing with each kind of tense i.e. it becomes second form of verb in case of past indefinite and similar changes take place with the other such types of sentences.

6. Learn Where the Work will stay silent:-

Some of the English sounds are also kept silent while speaking. For example, in word “Eureka”, the initial sound is “U” instead of “e” when we speak it. We speak it as “UREKA” but we write it as “Eureka”. The phonetics branch of English can help you a lot in this direction which is basically the study of sounds. Just try to convert the daily usage words of your language in English and use them in your daily conversation dialogues with friends and family. You will soon become a habitual English speaking and understanding person.


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