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Why Is It Difficult To Breakup With Someone you Love

Why Is It Difficult To Breakup With Someone


Breakup is a name which is bought in use to refer to the end of a relationship or if you ask me to describe it in more clear words, it is rather an end of everything between two partners. A break-up really gets difficult sometimes to be made as till this time, most of the couples get attached with each other in emotional as well as physical manner. A break-up always feels like donating any of your body organs while being alive. Some people feel really incomplete after making a breakup. There are many reasons which can be given as an explanation to this sentence. Some of these reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why Is It Difficult To Breakup With Someone

Why Is It Difficult To Breakup With Someone you Love

1. Emotional Attachment:-

When you are in a relationship with someone, you experience a build-up of emotions for such a person. These emotions are so deeply felt that you are not ready to leave the person at any cost. This is the only reason that it is advised that you keep all your emotions at a bay when you go for a break-up.

2. Physical Attachment:-

After emotional attachment, the second factor that affects a relationship is the physical attachment or sex. When you go physically with your partner, a kind of physical attachment gets established. This is not just the unity of two bodies but the unity of two souls as well. When two souls get united, they start thinking about each other and even if one partner ditches the other, you still feel this attachment.

3. Days Spent together:-

Obviously, you can forget physical touch of your partner but you can’t forget the days spent together. The way you met your partner and the way your had proposed him/her. You generally suffer withdrawal symptoms when you are subjected to a drug for a long time and then it is eliminated from your diet. Love also acts as a drug and the days spent together act as a kind of withdrawal symptom for you.

4. Words of Your Partner:-

When we are in a relation, it is habitual that we talk daily with our partner. Some of these words spoken by a partner are so cute/memorable that we remember them even after facing a break-up. One can try meditation or focusing in order to overcome such factors.

5. Memories and Associated Moments:-

Being in a relation creates memories. Some of these memories are hard to forget and even if we keep them at a bay, still we are reminded about them because of one factor or the other. I.e. if you visit a place with your partner and you visit the same place again after break-up, it will remind you back all the memories associated with that particular place even if you have kept them at bay.

6. The Expectations That You Had From Each Other:-

When you are in a relationship, you have some expectations from your partner. You think about a perfect life where you and your partner care for each other and where your relationship is an ideal relationship. These expectations get broken with a break-up and thus it is likely that you will face difficulty even after the end of your relationship.


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