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5 Different Ways of Tying a Scarf on your Head

5 Ways to Tie a Scarf


A scarf or a muffler is something that can be understood as a piece of cloth or fabric worn by people around their neck for added warmth or just to enhance their style quotient. Scarf have become the style quotient of women and thus they seem to be much cared about wearing it with style. Females of almost all the ages like to drape it on their shoulders or around the neck in order to look stunningly gorgeous besides being simple and fashionable.

5 Different Ways of Tying a Scarf on your Head

5 Different Ways of Tying a Scarf on your Head

1. Stand In Front of The Mirror:-

In order to tie a scarf around your neck, You will simply need to stand in front of the mirror, arrange the scarf around your neck on the shoulders and then make your hair style according to the way you are going to tie your scarf. You can enhance your beauty by making a perfect combination of your hair style along with the style you tie up your scarf.

2. After Arranging the Scarf:-

After you have arranged the scarf on your shoulders, You just need to decide the way you would like to make the scarf be arranged on your shoulders. You can simply copy some celebrity’s style or you may make one yourself by experimenting. You can research magazines and web for multiple styles for draping a scarf around your neck and choose to go for one amongst them that will best suit your hair style.

3. Experiments With The Scarf:-

You can try out the bunny look, the simple looping style or the European loop style or there are many others that you can choose to go for and one amongst them is the celebrity style that I am explaining for you. Simple arrange the scarf around your shoulder with one end slightly longer than the other and loop up the lengthy end around your neck three times in the same direction. Keep the end dangling down while making the third loop such that it comes underneath and hook up the remaining end of the scarf into the third loop make by you. This one is mostly practiced by the celebrities like Salman khan for his muffler or the heroines like Katrina etc. In their films.

4. Precautions While Experimenting With The Scarf:-

While trying to tie a scarf and making the loop, remember to make the loops in such a way that it does not suffocates you. If you feel the neck to be suffocating , you can choose to wrap up the scarf around your neck as well. Remember to avoid any styling malfunction while draping your scarf around your neck and keep it loose enough to let air pass through it avoiding the choking of neck.

5. Get More Stylish:-

There are many magazines that display models wearing scarf on their dresses in stylish ways to look presentable enough to attract people towards products that they are endorsing. You can choose to copy the draping styles of these models or you can choose to make your own style in your own way, what so ever you think will make you stylish, Just go for that.


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