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Different Types of Weed and Weed Identification

Different Types of Weed and Weed Identification


Weed may refer to the unwanted bushes that may grow up in your field or garden by itself. It won’t look devastating to much of you readers if your garden or field has got an extra plant or bush in it, but the situation may devastate you if it starts affecting the other plants. Weed generally need to be removed time to time so as to ensure the proper health of plants grown in your garden or field and thus you need to know how to identify them as well.

Different Types of Weed and Weed Identification

Different Types of Weed and Weed Identification

Basic Definition of Weeds:-

You may take weeds as basically the unwanted plants that inhibit the growth of the desired plants. Weeds compete with the desired plants for food and thus are thought to be bad for other plants. Weeds are rather quickly growing and take the space that desired plants should have got in their place.

Types of Weeds:-

There are three common types of weeds and these are respectively the annual type weeds, Biennial type of weeds and perennial type of weeds.

1. Annual Type of Weeds:-

These ones germinate and spread by their seed. These die after an year, but give up seed, resulting in the another weed plant and thus are harmful. These ones are quickly growing and thus prove to act like a damage to your crops.

2. Biennial Type of Weeds:-

These ones have a life of 24 months and these can be flowering and seeding both. The second year will result in flowering and seed formation that will give rise to more new plants that will acquire the field and prove to be a competition for the other grown plants.

3. Perennial Type of Weeds:-

These ones may include the dandelion weeds or the others that are much difficult to control and you may need to plough the entire field so as to bring these under control as they don’t have the end of a life span and keep on growing.

Weed identification:-

In order to identify the specific type of weeds that you are experiencing, you may need to go for looking or searching up the field and remove almost all the plants that are unwanted and have grown by themselves, as simple as I am saying it. Remember to search for the roots that must have gone deep inside the soil as these may grow again after some time if you don’t remove the roots. You may go for the physical hand picking, removal approach so as to remove these weeds and bring them under control.

Why Do Weeds Need To Be Removed?

Suppose you have got a plate of food in front of you, If I tell you that the food is all yours, it is sure that you will get enough nutrition. But if I tell you that you will need to share the food with someone, this might mean that you won’t be able to get the most of it and thus you will lack nutrition. Same is the case with plants, suppose a farmer plans to grow a specific type of crop in his field, gives the proper manure and care to the crops, but does not removes weeds, the weeds in his field will compete with the crops that he grow for nutrition and thus the nutrition that he provided to the crops that he grew will half be eaten by these weeds and this is the only reason that we need to remove them.


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