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3 Different Types of Microscopes and their Uses

Different Types of Microscopes


Microscope is an instrument that we bring in use so as to magnify the things that are referred to as microscopic. This one is the instrument that is often used in a laboratory to view slides of cells and tissues to research about them. The microscopic objects are too small to be seen by naked eyes and thus we have to take the help of a microscope. Microscopic objects are impossible to be seen without using this equipment and thus it has got a great use for us.

3 Different Types of Microscopes and their Uses - HowFlux

3 Different Types of Microscopes and their Uses

Job of A Microscope:-

Talking about the job of a microscope, It can do what even our eyes cannot do for us. The study of human and plant cells used to be impossible without the invention of these microscopes and the microorganisms like amoeba, etc. could not be studied as well. The modern day based lab examinations like blood group testing, etc. also make use of a microscope so as to view the slides under it and then prepare the test results after examining them carefully.

Categorizing A Microscope:-

Microscopes can be categorized into different types ranging from optical type of microscope to the compound microscope or electron microscope or even the scanning probe microscope, but still there are different terms associated with microscopes and here we are explaining all of them.

1. Optical Microscope:-

This one makes the usage of light to image the sample. This one was the first microscope ever to be discovered and may also be referred to as the photon microscope as it makes the usage of a photon of light so as to go for the imaging of the sample. In it one or more lens is fixed up that produces a typically enlarged image of the sample that you are examining. The object to be examined is kept in the focal plane and have a reflecting glass fixed with them that focuses the light to the eye piece or the light detector producing the enlarged image of the object.

2. Electron Microscope:-

Talking about the electron microscope, In it we simply make usage of a fine electron beam so as to amplify the image of any microscopic object kept at the base and it gets enlarged. The electrons may be passed through the sample and then amplification of image is bought by the device.

3. Scanning Acoustic Microscopes:-

These ones are employed in detection of the complicated surfaces like defects in the inner surfaces of the materials, etc. using sound waves to perform the functioning that they are employed for. These ones make the acoustic scanning for the amplification purpose.

Talking About The Simple Microscope And Compound Microscope:-

Both of these are used in science laboratories of schools in the contemporary world to study the various slides kept with microscopic objects on it. These microscopes are based on an eye piece, some amplification lenses and a place where glass slide is kept that is referred to as the base and then when we look at the eye piece, the image gets enlarged.


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