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What are the Some Different Types of Leukemia

Different Types of Leukemia


leukemia is basically a group of cancers that get formed in the bone marrow of an individual. Leukemia can be termed as a disease that causes a lack of functioning white blood cells in an individual that have the ability to impair with his immune system or to manufacture extra white blood cells.

What are the Some Different Types of Leukemia

What are the Some Different Types of Leukemia

LEUKEMIA becomes more acute with extra white blood cells and that are mostly not mature. In the case of chronic leukemia, the white blood cells get mature but are still poor in functioning. In both the cases, a few platelets of blood are produced that are helpful in blood clotting and as these are produced in a less amount, excessive bleeding occurs with the individual. Minor injuries may result in an injury that is hard to stop and even bleeding or bruises larger in amount may occur with the person. Tiny red spots may appear under the skin of the person suffering from leukemia.

Types of Leukemia:-

There may be many types of leukemia but there are basically four types of leukemia :-

1:- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
2:- Acute myeloid leukemia
3:- Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
4:- Chronic myeloid leukemia

What Actually Happens:-

As the immune system of the individual suffering from leukemia gets week, frequent infections take place in his body and the lymph glands along with the spleen get enlarged that causes pain in the left side of the abdomen of that individual. If the not-normal cells get piled up in the brain of that specific person and his spinal cord, the symptoms may be followed up with the headache or vomiting. There may be a shortage of the red blood cells that may cause the skin to get pale in color that might also result in fatigue or even fever in some of the cases.

The crowd in the bone marrow because of leukemia may get spread to the other parts of the body such as the liver or the spleen or the lungs or the kidney of that specific person or sometimes even to the fluid around the brain of the person and his spinal cord. The abnormal cells can get piled up in the skin that may even cause lumps in him or even skin rashes. Different-different types of leukemia may be said to have different-different causes and both the inherited or environmental factors can be said to be involved in this type of disease.


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