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6 Different Types of Internet Connections

Different Types of Internet Connections


With contemporary world being so internet based, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can enable us use it in a better way. There are various approaches that involve internet usage and applying these connection strategies, you get easily able to get connected with internet getting connected with people and get news all around the world within no time. Some of the internet connection types may be described as follows:-

6 Different Types of Internet Connections

6 Different Types of Internet Connections

1. Broadband Internet Connection:-

Broadband connection is thought to be the highest speed internet connection that is connected by the means of a connecter cable and is associated with less connection breakdowns. The connection has got a high bandwidth, and is ideal for usage in homes as well as institutions and local cyber café’s.

2. Wireless Internet Connection:-

The wireless internet connection may involve the usage of a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth so as to build up a personal area network and to share up the data within multiple devices with a single internet connection. The Wi-Fi based approach can also be used along with the broadband by fixing up a Wi-Fi router so as to share the data from broadband.

3. Mobile Based Data Connection:-

The mobile based data connection involves the usage of SIM card based data that can be recharged and used within the mobile or tablets that are enabled with SIM cards. The mobile based data may be a 2G, 3G or even a Wi-Fi one depending on the operator and configuration of your handset and the features available.

4. The Hotspot Based Connection:-

The people who have got smart phones with them and have data plan, recharged with their network provider can even choose to share their own data with some separate device by making the usage of hotspot facility that comes pre equipped with every smart handset. Simply switch on the hotspot, connect the devices and the device connected will be able to make usage of your data to open up the web pages in the browser in his phone.

5. Dial Up Connection:-

The dial up connection may refer to the connection that the user makes within his computer or laptop device so as to connect to the internet. The user cannot use or receive the phone calls while using this connection and this is preferable made by connecting internet through your phone line only.

6. PC Suite Or Data Cable Based Connection:-

In this type of data connection, you never need a smart phone or a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth, etc. and instead this type of connection can be made with any phone whether it is smart or not. You just need to have the dedicated PC Suite software for your specific phone model and this way you can easily get connected with the internet on your device. The software needs to be installed on your computer set and you need to make connection by using the data cable with your phone and getting the PC Suite synchronized with your mobile the data of your phone can be easily be used with your computer this way.


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