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How Many Different Types of Fossil Fuels are There

How Many Types of Fossil Fuels


If somebody asks you what fossil fuels are, you will simply answer that these are the fuels that have formed after millions years of decomposition that took place with organisms that after dying got buried under the soil and the layers of soil kept on accumulating over them, resulting in million years of decomposition that became the modern day fuels what we refer to as the fossil fuels as they are the result of the fossils of those plants and animals. These can be divided into three types that are namely the coal, oil and natural gases.

How Many Different Types of Fossil Fuels are There

Different Types of Fossil Fuels are There

The Categorization of The Fossil Fuels:-

Fossils can be a categorized as the solid state fossil, liquid state fossil and the gaseous fossil. The coal can be thought to as the solid state fossil, oil as the liquid state fossil and natural gas as the gaseous state fossil. All these three state fossils have been explained by us under this paragraph.

1. Oil As A Fossil Fuel:-

The petroleum that you get filled up in the tanks of your vehicles is the liquid type of fossil fuel. Crude oil is pumped out of the land and that is refined so as to form petroleum that we get on the oil filling stations and thus crude oil can be taken as the fossil fuel while petroleum as the product of it. Not just petroleum only but a dozens of oil products are formed using this extracted fossil oil that include gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, etc. The abundance of energy in all these forms of fossil fuels can be taken as the list of fossil fuels that we make use of in our day to day life.

2. Natural Gas As A Fossil Fuel:-

Natural gas can be seen as the gaseous form of fossil fuels in a way that it occurs in the gaseous form. The natural gas primarily consists of methane gas and is used in purposes like fuel stoves, power air conditioning, etc. Natural gas is pumped by the pipelines which is odorless light gas, the contents of this gas are separated and thus we get various different gases namely the methane, the cooking gas i.e. C.N.G and other bi products of the natural gas. The main usage of natural gas is for cooking food and thus this gas is a boon for mankind. It is filled up in cylinders after compressing and people purchase these cylinders so as to meet their food making needs.

3. Coal As A Fossil Fuel:-

Being the solid state fossil fuel, coal is extracted after mining up deep in the ground making tunnels to extract the coal. Coal appears blackish in color and can catch fire much easily. It is composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur. The distribution of these contents in a specific type of coal makes us categorize coal into further subcategories that may be taken as the lignite, bituminous and anthracite. The anthracite coal is rich the most with carbon content while the others have less carbon content that it. The presence of the five contents that I mentioned makes the basis of dividing these forms of coal.


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