Why do we Have Different Seasons on Earth (5 Steps)

Why do we Have Different Seasons on Earth

Why Do We Have Different Seasons


We come across four seasons in the year and these are respectively the spring season, the summer season, the autumn season and the winter season. Talking about each of these seasons, there is something special about each of these seasons and this is why the study of each one of these is important so as to judge why do nature gives us these different seasons and to answer the same question, let us get a bit deeper and know more about the exact reason behind the fact that why the mother nature has blessed us with four different seasons.

Why do we Have Different Seasons on Earth

Why Do We Have Different Seasons on Earth

1.  The Time of Each Season:-

If I talk about each season separately, the spring season arrives from March to May and summer season from the month of June to August. Talking about the autumn season, it is supposed to arrive from September to November and the winter season is supposed to arrive from December to February.

2. The Nature’s Blessings:-

If you are a science student, you may be aware of the fact that nature has given everything for some specific reason and one amongst these reasons is the fact that there is a specific reason for everything to be done like if I talk about the plants, though being a living creation of nature, but still the plants are not able to move and for the process of excretion, the plants keep on storing the waste in their leaves that in turn get dried till the autumn and then fall of and thus help the tree to get rid of its waste products. Spring being the season of greenery helps the leaves to flourish and new buds to sprout.

3.  The Fact behind This Tilt of Earth:-

Talking about the earth, one side of it is always tilted towards the sun and this tilt is at the angle of 23.5 degrees. Now being tilted always from one side, the side that is close to the sun will have summers while the one away from sun will have winters and as we know that earth takes 365 days to complete one revolution around the sun, It takes months for earth to change the side from tilted to the un-tilted one and thus bringing about the variations in the span of seasons.

4. The Process of Movement Is Slow:-

The speed with which the earth is moving around sun is actually quite fast, but still the distance to be travelled is quite large as well and thus the earth takes slow 365 days to complete one revolution around the sun. Now the tilt can’t always stay close to the sun and it will slowly and slowly get apart of the sun with each step of movement that the earth makes and before reaching the un-tilted portion of the earth, there will be some point of time when there is an equal distance from both the tilted as well as the un-tilted portion and this one is the time period when the other seasons like the autumn or spring season get a chance to arrive.

5. The Fact Behind Summers To Arrive:-

Now talking about the month June to August, this one is the time when sun is supposed to be near to the earth and this does not mean that the earth will reach close to the sun, but instead it is in a tilted position which makes the most of the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface.