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6 Reasons Why Are There Different Kinds of Rocks

Why Are There Different Kinds Of Rocks


There are different kinds of soils and obviously different kinds of rocks. Perhaps this is because of the fact that there are minerals and other such things present in the soils that result in formation of rocks and thus in order to understand why there are rocks of different kinds, you will have to study the different kinds of rocks and the areas where they are found. To understand how the rocks get formed and why they are of different kinds, the information that we are mentioning here may prove beneficial for you.

Why Are There Different Kinds Of Rocks

Why Are There Different Kinds of Rocks

1. The Mineral Composition:-

How a rock looks depends on its mineral content first of all. The minerals are found to occur with a specific color and texture and when there is an excess mineral content in a rock, it also gets the same texture and color as the mineral generally has got with it.

2. The Shape of a Rock:-

Regarding the shape of rock, it also depends on several factors. Suppose some rock comes in contact with a river passing, the water that moves will shape up the rock and make it oval which is why the rocks found by the riverside are oval in shape.

3. The Temperature and Pressure Conditions:-

Even the temperature and pressure decide how the rock will look like. Talking about the inner part of earth, it is extremely hot and as we go deeper, the temperature would get even more increased and the rocks won’t be solid but instead they would be molten in form of lava.

4. Some Formed By the Sediments and Some Because of Magma:-

The various kinds of rocks are named on the basis of their place of occurrence as well as the reason behind their occurrence. There are various kinds of rocks, including the metamorphic rocks; the sedimentary rocks etc and these have been named so only on the base of their place and area of occurrence.

5. Some Because of Salts and Some Because of Atmospheric Phenomenon:-

The salts and minerals that get washed away with water as well as rains get flown into the sea, making it salty while the rocks get shaped up and thus we get rocks of different shapes and sizes. Some of these are shaped up naturally while the others are man shaped ones.

6. Some with Magnetic Properties:-

There are some parts of the world, where the rocks are found rich in magnetic properties which mean there is some sort of energy or charge trapped within that region. The trimmed off pieces of these mountains have got magnetic properties and are thus bought in use as permanent magnets.


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