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Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10

Difference between Windows-8 and Windows-10


Window-8 and Window-10, both are window version products of the Microsoft Inc. Company known for its quality operating system. If you are currently using Windows version 8, window-10 will simply be a software update for you but actually it is lot more than just a window update and there are many key differences amongst both these windows versions. We have tried our best to highlight some of the key differences amongst both these windows versions in this article.

Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10

Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10

In Terms of Availability:-

Adjudging both these windows versions in terms of availability, window-8 is available easily with all window copy sellers. If you are purchasing a new laptop or computer, there are more chances that it will come installed with windows-8 than the chances for windows-10 to come installed in it.

The Difference in Displaying the Start Menu:-

In windows-8, the developers had completely removed the start menu and instead a menu of tiles was introduced in which the user had to click tiles in order to open up any application. It took time for people to get accustomed with this windows version. With the arrival of windows-10 in the market, the start menu has returned back and in this window version, you get start menu at the left bottom portion of your screen when you click the dedicated desktop tile for it.

The Arrival of Windows Store:-

Applications in windows-8 could not be resized in a window, but windows-10 gives user a kind of freedom to customize the applications according to his or her size preferences. Most applications could run only in a full screen mode while using windows-8 but the arrival of windows-10 proved to be a kind of improvement in this direction. The universal search function in windows8 is regarded to be at an infant stage when we look at windows-10 advanced universal search feature with many improvements added to it.

The Arrival of New Thumbnails:-

In window-8, the thumbnails followed the old touch, but in windows-10 you will come across a new version of thumbnails if you click the task view button. Though windows-10 is still under development and efforts are being made to customize it with good mode and other such efforts, but still I will call windows-10 a customized change rather than a new arrival.

The presence of X-box app:-

X-box is a name that we hear with quality games. There is a presence of X-box application in window-10 version which puts it in differentiation with Window-8 which has no such application in it. Though you can install it by downloading it yourself, but still it creates a big difference.

Easy Accessibility:-

Though people were accustomed to the older versions of windows, but with the arrival of windows 10, much of the settings in control panel got split to the other tiles with setting option in them. Though window-10 version was also based much on the tiles, but still there are many changes with the menu options as well as the features that come box packed with it.


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