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Difference Between Linux and Window Operating System

Difference between Windows and Linux


Windows and Linux both are operating systems which can be installed and used on any computer or laptop device. The difference just lies in the configuration, application and user experience. Everything in this world has some merits and demerits on the base of which we can easily differentiate between two things and this base only has been kept in consideration by us while adjudging the differences between both these operating systems. On the basis of their differences, both these operating systems can be adjudged as follows:

Difference Between Linux and Window Operating System

Difference Between Linux and Window Operating System

1. Access to the Source Code:-

With Linux, you get access to the source code. This cannot be made possible with the window operating system as the source code in case of windows is available only with a selected group of people. Linux on the other hand gives you a complete access to its source code.

2. Window Makes You Bound With The License:-

With window operating system, you are always bound to certain terms and conditions which make you bound to the number of licenses that you purchase while on the other hand, with Linux you are free to use any number of licenses or to modify or sell or publish any software without purchasing any license for it.

3. Not Every Piece of Hardware Works with Linux:-

Linux equips a drawback here, proving it to be an advantage for windows. Actually, not every piece of hardware works with Linux operating system and sometimes you have to handpick the software to be installed for a specific work, but with windows, nearly all the applications can work and you do not need to handpick the applications at all.

4. Talking About the Package Management System:-

Talking about the package management system in Linux, it provides a centralized location where you can search for any software or you can add or remove it, but with windows, you have to rely on the control panel for this purpose. Even while installing the software, you have to find the exact location and then you have to install it. You can’t search for any software directly like it can be done in Linux.

5. Linux is more adjustable:-

With Linux, you can customize your desktop, your way. You can make any number of changes in its appearance as well as usage, but with windows, you are bound to use desktop the way Microsoft has packaged and designed it for you. This gives Linux an advantage over Windows.

6. Using A Removable Media:-

Here windows get a plus point over the Linux version as in order to use a removable media or a compact disk with windows, you just have to insert it in the C.D. driver or place to plug-in the removable media and the system automatically plays it, but with Linux based systems, you have to manually mount a CD drive to access the contents and thus every user can overwrite the data in it. The usage of removable media with Linux also puts it at a drawback as compared to windows. Moreover, the expectations that an individual has with a particular operating system can also be bought in use to differentiate amongst both.


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